360 Cameras to the Finish Line

Ed McCleaf and his racing team take it to the finish line with the 360Rize 360Penguin dragster!  Experience the ride in 360 and enjoy as if you were sitting in the seat as you go 150 plus miles per hour in a matter of a few seconds.  The 360 camera makes it super simple for […]

360Rize 4th Of July Sale!

360Rize 4th of july sale

Sale Hotter Than A Firecracker Spring rain and sunshine has allowed the world to bloom magnificently! Everywhere you look, there’s an abundance of beauty that just begs to be documented! As we welcomed summer last week, 360Rize has decided to offer a sale that is sure to do just that! Starting immediately, customers can save […]

Experience Unbelievable 360 Footage Over The Grand Canyon!

360Rize Grand Canyon Feature

Meet Our Newest 360 Producer! 360Rize continues to teach the greenest of 360 individuals! As we enjoy educating others about 360 content capture, we have had an opportunity to do so right here in Olean NY.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our latest customer. Additionally, we would like to show […]

Capture All Your Fishing Moments With The 360Rize 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Fishing

360 Hook, Line and Sinker! 360Rize has met many fishermen that love to document their experiences on the water. As an avid fisherman or outdoor enthusiast, you may find that the traditional action camera fails to capture the perfect shot. No matter how hard you try, the action is always just outside of your camera’s […]

A Travelers Best Friend: The 360Penguin Camera!

360Rize 360Penguin sunset

“Get Your Motor Runnin..” If one thing has been proven time and time again, its that people love to capture their experiences on the road.  After all, who doesn’t love a good selfie of themselves to show where they have been? Seeing an experience yourself is great. Unfortunately, sharing it is only as good as […]

Customize Your 360Penguin !!

360Rize 360Penguin skinz blog image

Celebrate Your Individualism All of us here at 360Rize have been having a blast with capturing our content that we have produced individually. With so many little white 360Penguins floating around here, some of us have come up with a way to give them a new look to keep them all straight. Therefore we are […]

360Rize – Turkey Hunting In 360

360Rize 360Penguin Turkey Hunting

Cameras, Camo, Arms and Ammo, Thats All You Need! We always say that the proof is in the footage! The 360Penguin camera has proven to be the Sportsmen s best friend! That is to say, the 360Penguin has assisted many outdoors enthusiasts capture their experience that they love most. Whether you are an avid game […]

360Rize Next Stop, Indy NRA Show!

360Rize Bus pic feature

360Rize Shelling Out Some Great 360 Secrets! As we have discovered previously this year, the 360Penguin camera has been very popular among outdoors men. So many nature lovers and hunting enthusiasts find the option to film their experiences quite intriguing. Therefore, 360Rize has been hitting the road in a big way to keep spreading the […]

Construction Benefits From Applying 360 Technology

360Rize 360Penguin Construction Blog Pic

Future Of Construction The world of 360 application just keeps growing and growing. Furthermore, the ones who take part in this awesome technology seem to benefit in many different ways! The weather conditions in our particular area are enabling construction projects to begin. We have many talented local building firms here in Western NY.  However, […]

The 360Penguin Spring Sale!

360Rize 360Penguin Spring Sale

360 Sales In Bloom! 360Rize has found there were so many shutterbugs that always thought about trying to shoot 360 footage, but here reluctant. That’s why we designed the 360Penguin to be consumer friendly! Literally ANYONE can capture 360 footage with ease now! With on board stitching, to its live streaming ability, we have definitely […]

Take A 360Penguin Trip!

360Rize 360Penguin trip_1

Get your Penguin Now! Capture your “Life Without Edges”! The sun has been coming out a lot more lately here in Western New York! Doesn’t it make you want to go out and see what there is to see? But how many times have you been unable to capture your ride because you hands were […]

How 360 Came To Be, And Where We Are Today!

360Rize History Of 360 creation

How 360 Was Born To know everything you should know about shooting 360 content, it is important to know its history. The love of capturing everyday experiences and sharing them with others has been popular for a very long time. Eventually, the idea came about to capture an environments contents in its entirety. In other […]

360Penguin 2019 Great American Outdoor Show Debut

360Rize 360Penguin Alligator Mouth

The Great Outdoors In 360!  360Rize has done it again! We have managed to break through to a totally new clientele with our 360 products! The 360Penguin has been designed to make 360 content capture possible for EVERYONE. Since the release of the 360Penguin camera in September of 2018, our mission has been simple. To […]

Santa left behind some AMAZING deals for you at 40% OFF

360Rize Santa Image

You may have missed Santa’s Visit at 360Rize but he didn’t leave you out!   Two weeks left for this AWESOME DEAL of 40% off all of our 360 Plug-N-Play™ Rig Assemblies and Accessories.  ON SALE NOW until December 31st with Instant Savings in your cart!   *financing for purchases $1000 and up  – 40% excludes […]

Save 40% this Holiday Season on All 360Rize® Rigs and Accessories

Holiday Ornaments

Tis the Season for 360 Video and VR Gear!   All of our 360 Plug-N-Play™ Rig Assemblies and Accessories are ON SALE NOW until December 31st with Instant Savings in your cart! BUNDLES SAVINGS!  PLUS FREE GROUND SHIPPING IN THE US and *FINANCING AVAILABLE!  Regular Price  WOW PRICE  Bullet Rigs Pro6E 360° Plug-n-Play Rig for […]

Manfrotto Instant Rebate!

360Rize Instant Rebate

Just in! Manfrotto will be having a month-long instant rebate on select 360Rize VR products. From August 1 – August 31, 2017 when you buy select products from Manfrotto.us/360rize you will receive an instant rebate of up to $350! See below for full a full list of offerings. About 360Rize/360Heros Inc: 360Rize a 360Heros Inc., company […]

360Heros NAB Show Highlights

The 360Heros booth at NAB saw a lot of action!

We recently launched two whole new VR 360 video product lines at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, and received great responses from attendees and fellow exhibitors! Pro v2 line announced In updating our current line of virtual reality content creation solutions, we’ve debuted the world’s first modular Plug-N-Play™ holders for creating 360-degree video. The […]

Photos of Africa creates Safari VR

African Elephant

We’ve been following our friend and photographer Chris du Plessis from Photos of Africa for some time now, marveling at the amazing immersive Virtual Reality experiences he’s been creating using our 360 video solutions. Some of our favorite content from him focuses on the African Elephant, one of the African continent’s most iconic forms of wildlife. Experience some of his work […]