360Rize 360Penguin Fishing

Capture All Your Fishing Moments With The 360Rize 360Penguin

360 Hook, Line and Sinker!

360Rize has met many fishermen that love to document their experiences on the water. As an avid fisherman or outdoor enthusiast, you may find that the traditional action camera fails to capture the perfect shot. No matter how hard you try, the action is always just outside of your camera’s view. If this sounds like you, then look no further. The 360Rize 360Penguin allows for the capture of unique perspectives by capturing everything…literally! Look at the photo below, for example, taken with the push of a button. Furthermore, notice the camera’s position. The 360Rize shoulder mount is one of the best solutions for hands free capture. 

All New Perspectives

As you can see, the 360Penguin action camera captures multiple perspectives in one image. Thanks to on-board stitching, this content is ready to rock directly out of the camera. Perspectives that can be re-framed into traditional 2-D images. perspectives than the naked eye could gather alone! The 360Penguin’s on-board stitching creates the 360 image all by itself. That is to say that what use to be a lengthy post production process is now done for you. This, combined with the ability to re-frame your shots for all new perspectives, leaves you with a weapon for capturing life’s coolest moments. On top of that, shareability has never been better! Easily share 360 files to Facebook or YouTube.  Also, download them to your phone to share to other platforms such as email, text, etc. To conclude, 360Rize feels that the 360Penguin is the best tool to capture your outdoors experience! This fishing experience just gives you an idea of how easy and fun 360 content capture can be!  you get the picture of how users can capture it all with the 360Penguin mounted on a shoulder mount! Check out our site today to see our great deals!

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