360Rize History Of 360 creation

How 360 Came To Be, And Where We Are Today!

How 360 Was Born

360Rize beginnings 360 Video
360Rize beginnings of 360 Video rigs

To know everything you should know about shooting 360 content, it is important to know its history. The love of capturing everyday experiences and sharing them with others has been popular for a very long time. Eventually, the idea came about to capture an environments contents in its entirety. In other words, capturing photo and video in complete 360 degrees became a popular notion.  It wasn’t until about 2011 that this notion became possible to create.

Man With A 360 Vision

360Rize Mike Kintner Early PicOur very own CEO and owner of 360Rize, Michael Kintner, combined his designing and modeling skills with his vast photography and videography knowledge. Mike created the first multi-camera rigs to hold well-known action cameras in a specific array. This array made it possible to gather photo and video in complete 360. He also had a hand in designing the software to assemble all of the footage taken with each camera involved. The rest is history! Check out some of these articles from back in our early 360 days!

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Profe360Rize RV Pic 2015ssional 360 Rock Stars

As time went on,  we became known as the innovators of 360 content capture. Furthermore,we also became the educators of how it works. 360Heros, eventually renamed the 360Rize everyone knows of today, has built their company on educating those interested in learning about this great new prospect. 360Rize is no stranger to beating the pavement to get our gear seen and used for some of the greatest adventures all over the world. To name one, our gear notably made the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2015 for accomplishing the capture the first HD 360 footage at the top of Mt Everest! We put a lot of miles on our 40Ft tour bus to self promote our new tool to capture 360. We trained many inquiring professional film makers along the way.

Creating A Consumer Friendly Solution

360Rize race fansHowever, we realized that we needed a solution for the common shutterbug. The option to juggle 6 or more action cameras to create 360 content using our gear was far too costly for a hobby photographer. We listened to the requests of our potential customers that found our previous gear to be cumbersome. 360Rize then worked night and day to make a solution to invite this type of user into the world of 360 content capture. We decided to design our very own action camera. This camera cut out post production woes, and made sharability as easy as its ever been for 360. We came out with the 360Penguin Camera!

Why People LOVE the 360Penguin

The 360Penguin main features are onboard stitching, live-streaming abilities, and the highest resolution output available right now for a fixed camera system. The abilities of this 360 action camera go way beyond just taking 360 picture or video. You can now live-stream full 360 content to social media instantly. This is used widely for personal use although it can be a beneficial tool for promoting business ventures as well. 360 photos can easily be arranged in various free apps to create virtual tours for real estate. A business owner can use the camera to reach out to customers about their latest deals or specials while utilizing the 360Penguin App to livestream info. 360 photos can capture the entire interior of a car in one shot, that an owner may want to post to market.

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These are just some reasons why the 360Penguin is so much more than a camera! For personal documentation, or maximum exposure of your mission, consider the 360Penguin as your new weapon over all peers or competitors!