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The 2015 Guinness Book of Records was released last week with a two-page feature highlighting some innovative camera technology and it’s journey to the world’s highest peak. 360Heros (now known as 360Rize)., in coordination with Everest Media Productions, was awarded with the world record for “the first fully spherical HD 360 video filmed on the summit of Mount Everest.”

Time Warner Cable News Coverage.

Channel 7 (ABC) News Coverage.

360Heros 360 video gear was utilized to capture the historic footage along with interactive panoramic images from the summit. This record-setting media offers viewers a first person look at what climbers experience at the top of Everest.

This record was a long time in the making, with three summit attempts required to accomplish the feat and months of anticipation leading up to the book’s official release. Given the harsh conditions that exist at the summit, it was unclear as to whether our 360 video gear would withstand the extreme cold it would need to endure to capture the footage.

The H3Pro6 proved itself by handling -51° at the top of the world. Click here to purchase.
The H3Pro6 proved itself by handling -51° at the top of the world. Click here to purchase.

Just as our gear was able to complete the journey, the great team that we worked with saw their efforts acknowledged with this record. Apa Sherpa, a native of Nepal and 21-time world record holder for the most Everest summits, served as a consultant for the expedition. The footage itself was captured by team members from Everest Media Productions, who will utilize the panoramic content for a documentary focusing on Apa’s life. Titled “Tiger of the Himalayas”, the documentary will share Apa’s story and shed light on the challenging lives the Sherpas of Nepal lead.

360Heros is honored to have played a role in this amazing journey and for the recognition we’ve received from Guinness. We hope this record not only raises awareness for panoramic video technology, but also that it helps the world learn more about Mount Everest and the people who call the mountain home.

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