360Rize 360Penguin Turkey Hunting

360Rize – Turkey Hunting In 360

Cameras, Camo, Arms and Ammo, Thats All You Need!

We always say that the proof is in the footage! The 360Penguin camera has proven to be the Sportsmen s best friend! That is to say, the 360Penguin has assisted many outdoors enthusiasts capture their experience that they love most. Whether you are an avid game assassin, or just one who enjoys the beauty of the great wide open, then we have a great product for you.  The 360Penguin provides a way to help you relive and share those memorable outdoor moments again and again. You might say to yourself, “i can do that now with my camera”.  However, how many times was your view limited? Capture full 360 and never miss that great shot again! Take a look at an example view from a turkey blind below:


Placement is everything!

360Rize penguin placement turkey hunting
Penguin Placement Is Easy With The Flexible Tripod Included!

We have had many outdoors men ask, “where is the best placement for the camera to catch all the action?” Let us give you some examples of great locations! In the 360 photo above, the hunters secured the 360Penguin camera on the included flexible tripod. The wonderful thing about that flexible tripod is that it can be wrapped around just about any tree branch! There is no need to invest in a fancy mounting apparatus. Everything you need is included in the purchase of the camera. Furthermore, after inserting an SD card and charging the camera, let the  360 shooting  begin! We suggest placing the camera between you and the projected area of fire. Make sure the camera is not in the shooting range 😉 Place the camera to the side a bit to enable yourself to view what may be coming up behind you from the app!

Battery Life?  Not a Problem!

360Rize 360Penguin-with-Live-Mount-and-Cable
360Penguin with Optional Live Stream Power Adapter and Cable

360Rize designed special fittings to access the bottom charging port during camera operation. Moreover, this 360Penguin camera can communicate with the free app within 30 feet of distance! Hook up an external battery using the charging cable included. Attach our Livestream Mount to the camera and then to the flexible tripod. This mounting option gives the camera constant power that can last up to 5 hours.  Notice this mount is included in our All Accessories Bundle. Therefore, with this assembly, place the camera as suggested and let it film the experience! The rest is easy! Afterwards, review your footage, and download our free 360Camman Software. 360Camman helps to choose how footage plays back for viewers! View on the computer, tv, or VR Headset! Stay Tunes To 360Rize Company News for more information, or contact us at [email protected]!