360Rize 360Penguin Spring Sale

The 360Penguin Spring Sale!

360 Sales In Bloom!

360Rize 360Penguin Product shot
360Penguin Camera Contents

360Rize has found there were so many shutterbugs that always thought about trying to shoot 360 footage, but here reluctant. That’s why we designed the 360Penguin to be consumer friendly! Literally ANYONE can capture 360 footage with ease now! With on board stitching, to its live streaming ability, we have definitely caught the attention of many first time users. We’ve definitely zoned in on the desire of users to have instant sharability of their footage. One would be hard pressed to find an affordable, fixed lens 360 camera on the market currently that can do what our little 360Penguin can do! Furthermore, all of us here at 360Rize know the excitement one gets when their favorite camera gear goes on sale! We are excited to announce that our new 360Penguin camera will be on sale for $100 off of its original price!  But don’t delay, its only for a limited time! We want to help some more of you spring into 360!

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360Rize Showers Of Savings

360Rize Tripod in the woods
360Penguin and Tripod in the woods

This sale wont last forever, but for right now enjoy $100 off of a 360Penguin and all of its contents. Included in the box are the 360penguin Camera. This simple one button operation commands this cool little 360 action cameras many functions! Functions include 360 picture capture, 360 video filming, 360 timelapse, and 360 Live-Streaming capabilities to Facebook or Youtube! Furthermore, just this one camera collects footage in full 360 degrees at 4K or 5.7K resolutions! WOW! Users are also supplied with a USB-C charging cable, A protective bag that doubles as a lens cleansing cloth, and a flexible tripod! As soon as you open the box, just add  an extreme SD card and you are ready to shoot full immersive footage! If you haven’t had a chance to review our training videos, then we also provide you with a users guide to help you get started!

The All Accessories Savings

360Rize 360Penguin live-streaming mount
360Penguin Live Stream Mount
360Penguin Action Camera Universal Mount

Lets say you have action cameras already. If you do, then you most likely have the many accessories that are available. Most accessories help you mount the cameras anywhere you’d like to film. 360Rize is very familiar with these accessories  and has made it possible to adapt our 360Penguin camera with them! Therefore, just because you are thinking of getting this 360Penguin camera does not mean that you have to throw out your current gear. The 360Penguin All Accessories Bundle includes two different mounting adapters. The first one is our Live Streaming Adapter. It gives users the ability to access the bottom of the camera to feed the camera constant power. This mount works with any  normal 1/4-20 tripod or mount adapter. The second adapter included is our Action Camera Universal Mount. This little guy adapts to any three prong action camera fitting that users may already have from previous action cameras. Therefore the All Accessories Bundle is the way to go if you are the owner of many camera accessories already!

*New Shoulder Mount Harness*

Lady-with-Shoulder-Mount-With-Camera-1024x1024Although its not part of our sale, 360Rize wants to remind you of the newest mounting option we have in stock now! The NEW Hands Free Action Camera Shoulder Mount is our newest addition to the 360Penguin accessories line up by popular demand! Many have been eyeing up our prototype and have responded with the request that we get this great self mounting option available to them. We have heard the requests, and have added this product to  our lengthy line up of 360 gear. The durable  material for this shoulder mount is adjustable and securable to a users body by heavy duty Velcro. An action camera mounting point is located on the top area that rests any action camera on a users shoulder. The connection is the three prong attachment point, but we also include a 1/4-20 adapter. Therefore if a user doesn’t have the Action Camera Universal Mount adapter with them, the shoulder mount will connect directly to the 1/4-20 fitting on the bottom of the camera. Pick up this great accessory  when purchasing your 360Penguin camera! You’ll Love It!

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How to use the 360Penguin – Out of the box

Some More Training Videos: https://360rize.com/360penguin-training-2/

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