360Rize Easy Use 360Penguin Camera

Introducing the 360Penguin Family

Welcome to the world of 360-degree video and photography! It’s really a snap to make great content with the easiest camera to use on the planet! Meet our ambassador, Chillin, and his family! Our penguins will be your guide to making content that will stun your friends and family, and let you share live across social media platforms! Take a few minutes and watch the videos we have put together to help you understand more about the camera you have in your hands that will change the way people view 360 images!

How to use the 360Penguin

A quick 4 minute overview on how to use the 360Penguin camera.

Unboxing the Camera

When you get your camera, the box will be a good indication of just how perfectly sized it is to be able to take this guy along. We know you’re ready to get rolling, so here’s what you’ll find as you unwrap it.

Introduction to the Camera

This is what you’ll be working with to create the best videos and photos possible, in the highest resolution. What you have in the box is all it takes to make stunning 360 videos and pictures.

Optional Mounts

Your 360Penguin is ready to go with what comes with it, right out of the box. For some, the optional mounts make getting those special shots just right, even push that live stream for the entire event.

Connecting your camera to your phone

This is the hardest part of creating content with your new 360Penguin. It will be the most time-consuming. Set aside a good minute or two. 

Shooting without Your Smartphone

You don’t need to have your smartphone to shoot 360 photos and video. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be shooting all the action! Remember, with 360, you don’t need to worry about composing your shots. All you need to do is crop them in editing. When you shoot in 360, you capture it all!

Taking your first 360 video and Sharing It

So, now that you took all that time to connect phone and Penguin, you are ready to shoot some great video…and share with some friends, right? Here’s how.

Do's and Don't when shooting with 360

We know you want the best video and the perfect shots with your 360Penguin. Here are a few tips to making every shot count.

Livestream in AP Mode

For Android Users, you’ll have to use the AP Mode to share your event as it happens. This is how!

Livestream for iOS

Livestreaming on an iPhone is easy. Just follow these steps and you’ll be sharing everything all around you.

What is a Nadir
and How to Change It

When shooting in 360-degrees, the bottom of the content, where your camera and tripod are, looks off a bit. You can cover that with your own rounded image to make the content perfect!

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates keep your camera operating at optimal performance. This short video will walk you through how to perform them.

How to use EV Mode

Control the amount of light and f-stop of your 360Penguin. See what it’s all about here.

White Balancing your 360Penguin

Get the color of your images perfect by knowing how to white balance.

Color and Sharpness for your 360Penguin

Get the color of your images perfect by knowing how to white balance.

Connect to an external power supply without your livestream mount

Sometimes you forget. Here’s a way to make sure you can still stream it all around you.

WiFi Direct and No Internet Connection

You may notice the message. Here’s what it means.

Downloading VLC Player (PC)

VLC Media Player will help you view your 360 content properly.

Downloading the VLC Media Player (Mac)

VLC Media Player will help you view your 360 content properly.

Sharing Your Images and Video to Facebook

The 360Penguin is a social animal. You should be as well. Here’s how to share your content.