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3D Building Tours Embraced By Chamberlain Home Realty which increases quality and presentation by 300%

3D Model Tours will increase presentation by 300% at less than 12 cents per sqr ft!

360Rize’s New High Tech Scanner helps home owners present their building 24 by 7

Today, it is getting easier and easier to sell or buy your home. Unfortunately, even today, sellers and buyers must deal with limited resources and inconveniences. For example, the average house tour conducted by a realtor is short lived and often only occurs once. This makes it tough to obtain a vision for your potential property. On the flip side of this, if you were selling your home, you had to endure the constant unwanted traffic of strangers throughout your comfy abode. In fact, not everyone who walked through could be serious buyers. In other words, you could potentially be opening your doors to those with sticky fingers per say. Thanks to today’s technology, showing a house doesn’t have to be such an awkward experience for the seller or the buyer. Introducing 360Rize 3D Building Tours!

What Are 3D Building Tours?

360Rize 1408 West HenleyIn short, 3D Building Tours involve the capture of multiple 360-degree images using a high-resolution camera and lidar scanning. These 360 images capture everything a property has to offer and builds or scale 3D model. At the end of what we refer to as scanning, we assemble all images and model data in a way that allows potential buyers to tour the home as they would in person. Therefore, creating a 24 by 7 virtual tour.

Additionally, we have utilized the best way to share our 3D Building Tours, via 360Rize’s vast web servers via any web browser or mobile device! 360Rize has made their own center for house hunting, and are even part of Realtor.com for those interested in selling their home with a 24 by 7 virtual tour agent.    In the Olean NY area, onlookers can see the latest places up for sale by visiting 3D Building Tours. We can also share the tours with agents to share on their sharing platforms. Some agents are realizing all the ways these tours can help them. Moreover, any business scan can be directly loaded to Google maps, assisting potential customers in finding them! These businesses land at the top of Google searches.

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Our Areas Featured High Tech Realtor: Claudia Attard-Keary

360Rize Caludia Attard Keary360Rize has been working with one of Chamberlain Home Realty’s finest agents, Claudia Attard-Keary. From the beginning, Claudia has recognized all the ways that 3D Building tours could help her show her featured properties. As she has been a successful realtor in this area, she has multiple properties under her account.   Therefore, she wanted to eliminate time in the day she used to show homes to those not-so-serious buyers.

360Rize and 3D Building Tours has helped her tremendously with our 24 by 7 virtual agent. As we make virtual tours possible for her properties, she has less tire-kickers to contend with. As a result, Claudia can spend her time and efforts into bringing on more properties with HIGH QUALITY PRESENTATIONS. On our 3D Building Tours page, you can see her estates, the ones sold, and the ones currently on display. Claudia is certainly up to date with the latest tech that can connect serious buyers with homeowners looking to sell. Furthermore, her presentation of properties using the 3D Building Tours is second to none! Look at her latest client’s 3D Building Tour below!

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Price point of a 3D Building Tour

To get down to the brass tacks, most want to know if tech like this is going to break their piggy bank. As 360Rize strives to put the Olean area on the map, we are offering this service at a very reasonable cost. Depending on the square footage of an establishment we can give a quote for anywhere between $0.12 to $0.15 a square foot. For Real Estate Agents who sign on to have more than 1 scan conducted, they qualify for our premier pricing! While the data collected from a 3D Building Tour is quite large, the hosting of the tour is arranged by 360Rize 3D Building Tours. From there, the tour is shareable. A small monthly hosting fee can be charged monthly or be paid upfront for the year if the customer would like. It’s a small price to pay for added online marketability in a world that searches everything through google. Let 360Rize 3D Building Tours make you as successful as possible when advertising a home or business!

How Long Does it take?

A 3D scan of a 2 story, three bedroom home with a basement is about 3 hours.   We send the images and model data to our data centers, takes about 5 to 7 hours to process with detailed drawing plans that viewers can walk through just like Google Street View but only better!

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