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Customize Your 360Penguin !!

Celebrate Your Individualism

360Rize 360Penguin Skinz ExamplesAll of us here at 360Rize have been having a blast with capturing our content that we have produced individually. With so many little white 360Penguins floating around here, some of us have come up with a way to give them a new look to keep them all straight. Therefore we are pleased to announce that we have a new option for users to resurface their new 360Penguin 360 cameras. Each Individual 360 producer can now decorate their camera per say! Depending on your personal interests, 360Rize can create you your very own 360Penguin Skinz!

Protect Your Investment

360Penguin tree mountActing as a jacket for your 360Penguin camera, 360Penguin Skinz are more than just visually attractive. The 360Penguin Skinz can also act as a protective layer. For example,  if users desire to take the 360Penguin hunting, they customize and protect their 360Penguin by opting for a camouflage skin. Furthermore, the Skinz will keep your camera from attracting unwanted attention. However,  if users crave a more noticeable design, we can definitely accommodate this as well! Therefore, you’ll be happy to hear we offer a selection of flamboyant designs for the days you feel like standing out in a crowd. The days you don’t? Simply peel off the old design and stick on a new one!

Current Options

360Rize Gun and Penguin PicColor choices aside, the biggest advantage to 360Penguin Skinz is that they cover up the white section of your camera. Covering up this section ensures that extensive use in outdoor environments will not stain the cameras exterior. To the benefit of action sports enthusiasts, 360Penguin skins also help to protect against abrasions. Furthermore, this little 360Penguin camera is one of the most durable, but lightweight 360 action cameras out there. Its truly fir for the journey that a user has in mind, and now, can dress the part!


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360Penguin Skins add a unique personalized touch to your already special 360Penguin action camera.