360 Cameras to the Finish Line

Ed McCleaf and his racing team take it to the finish line with the 360Rize 360Penguin dragster!  Experience the ride in 360 and enjoy as if you were sitting in the seat as you go 150 plus miles per hour in a matter of a few seconds.  The 360 camera makes it super simple for […]

360Rize 4th Of July Sale!

360Rize 4th of july sale

Sale Hotter Than A Firecracker Spring rain and sunshine has allowed the world to bloom magnificently! Everywhere you look, there’s an abundance of beauty that just begs to be documented! As we welcomed summer last week, 360Rize has decided to offer a sale that is sure to do just that! Starting immediately, customers can save […]

Experience Unbelievable 360 Footage Over The Grand Canyon!

360Rize Grand Canyon Feature

Meet Our Newest 360 Producer! 360Rize continues to teach the greenest of 360 individuals! As we enjoy educating others about 360 content capture, we have had an opportunity to do so right here in Olean NY.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our latest customer. Additionally, we would like to show […]

360Rize – Turkey Hunting In 360

360Rize 360Penguin Turkey Hunting

Cameras, Camo, Arms and Ammo, Thats All You Need! We always say that the proof is in the footage! The 360Penguin camera has proven to be the Sportsmen s best friend! That is to say, the 360Penguin has assisted many outdoors enthusiasts capture their experience that they love most. Whether you are an avid game […]

360Camman Version 3 For Free!

360Rize 360Camman Blog Pic

Media Management Madness! Free Free Free Free!?!? That’s right! 360Rize continues to push for the universe to take part in our 360Fun! That is to say, EVERYONE should pick up a 360Rize rig or 360Penguin camera and shoot 360 footage as much as your little heart desires! Afterwards, let us show you how to show […]

The 360Penguin Spring Sale!

360Rize 360Penguin Spring Sale

360 Sales In Bloom! 360Rize has found there were so many shutterbugs that always thought about trying to shoot 360 footage, but here reluctant. That’s why we designed the 360Penguin to be consumer friendly! Literally ANYONE can capture 360 footage with ease now! With on board stitching, to its live streaming ability, we have definitely […]

Take A 360Penguin Trip!

360Rize 360Penguin trip_1

Get your Penguin Now! Capture your “Life Without Edges”! The sun has been coming out a lot more lately here in Western New York! Doesn’t it make you want to go out and see what there is to see? But how many times have you been unable to capture your ride because you hands were […]

Your 360Penguin Camera Reset Button

360Rize 360Penguin Reset Button

Let’s face it. Sometimes things happen, and you have to start all over. Electronics need to be disrupted and started from the beginning from time to time. That’s why the reset button was created. The 360Penguin needs to be reset from time to time as well. We cannot make any promises that everything with your […]

Understanding WiFi and your 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Rock City

Often, not having internet connection is a cause for concern when dealing with electronic devices. You may think no internet, no electronic device. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, most devices can function without internet. Take, for example, the 360Penguin. When you connect the 360Penguin to its WiFi, pay close attention. Directly under […]

What is a megapixel and why should I care?

360Rize 360Penguin PenguinLakeFI

It’s a term that has found its way into daily jargon when talking about images, screens, and cameras, but what is a megapixel and why is it important? That’s a great question. It’s important to understand it and why we continue to talk about the 360Penguin shooting 24-megapixel images, and shooting in 4K and 6K […]

Live-Streaming on your cellular network with the 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Live-stream on your cellular device

Perhaps the most used and entertaining feature of the 360Penguin is live streaming. There are two ways to accomplish this, through AP Mode and through your cell network on an iOS device. As you likely know by now, the 360Penguin allows you to live stream directly to Facebook or YouTube. Facebook and YouTube have been […]

The Power of the 360Penguin App Part 2

360Rize 360PenguinPowerOfThePenguinPART2_(960x640)

As we discussed in Part 1, the 360Penguin App has various functions that help you control some of the effects for video and images. Part 1 covered White Balance and EV Mode for the camera. We have a few other adjustments that you can control from your phone. Some of these adjustments are more of […]

The Power of the 360Penguin App Part 1

360Rize 360Penguin Power of the App Pt1

The 360Penguin is a powerful tool as a camera. We have made sure to put the power in the tech that’s in the camera, but we have also packaged it in our 360Penguin app. It’s right there, in your hands. The free 360Penguin app, available from both the Google Play Store and iTunes, gives you […]

Firmware Update!

360Rize 360Penguin Firmware Update 20181127

We promised to keep you and your 360Penguin updated when we have an update to make the camera better. We have one and we think you’ll like it! This new update can be found on the Firmware Update Page as we detailed this past weekend on our blog page.  Here’s a little about it and […]

360Penguin Training Page

360Rize 360Penguin wo phone TNG Featured_(964x1024)

Introduction to our Online Training So, you have ordered your penguin and it has arrived on your doorstep. You’re ready to shoot 360 content. You want to bring your friends and family into each and every event that makes your life what it is. What’s that? You’ve never shot 360 content and have no clue […]

Keep your 360Penguin Up to Date with Firmware Updates!

360Rize 360Penguin Firmware Update

One of the inevitables of modern life is that electronics need to be updated now and then. A solution for an issue may have been found and needs to be pushed out to your device. For things like cell phones and computers, those are easy updates. They are pushed through the ether to the device […]

Nadir and its relationship with 360

360Rize 360Penguin Ddefault Nadir Sticker IMage

What is the meaning of this? The subject of today’s blog has several different meanings, one of which is directly related to 360 video. As a matter of fact, the term nadir serves a very specific function when it comes to 360 video production. Although it may sound complicated, it really isn’t! Understanding the meaning […]

Using AP Mode to Livestream with your 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin AP Mode Featured Image

The 360Penguin live-streams seamlessly to Facebook and YouTube on an iOS device. Android devices are set up differently and need to use a specialized method to be able to connect. Within your settings, you will find a section to enable AP Mode. You will need to use AP to connect and share in real time […]

Do’s and Don’ts of 360Penguin Shooting

360Rize And they say 360Penguin's can't fly

Do’s and Don’ts of shooting 360 content The world of 360 is growing by the minute. Thanks to new innovative technology, such as in-camera stitching, taking 360 video is now easier than ever. That being said, in order to shoot the 360 content you desire, best practices should still be followed. These guidelines, in this […]