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Nadir and its relationship with 360

What is the meaning of this?

The subject of today’s blog has several different meanings, one of which is directly related to 360 video. As a matter of fact, the term nadir serves a very specific function when it comes to 360 video production. Although it may sound complicated, it really isn’t! Understanding the meaning and function of the term will help you become more proficient as a 360 content creator.

In simple terms, nadir often refers to the lowest point of something. Emotionally speaking, it means the lowest point of one’s emotions. The term also plays a role in medicine. For example, if your red blood cell count is abnormally low. In an astronomical sense, nadir refers to a planet’s lowest point in orbit. The correlation between 360 video and nadir follows very closely in line with the astronomical definition. Therefore, think of your 360 image as a little planet. The lowest point of your 360 image would be the nadir.

How to use it

360Rize 360Penguin Dream it do it car test
The image at the center represents where the camera and tripod where located. To cover the seam at that point, the sticker is used.

More often than not, the bottom of your 360 image will show the tripod the camera is mounted on. To combat this, our app has a logo feature which will hide the dreaded tripod or stitch line. To find this feature, go under settings, and look under Display Logos. Next to Show Logo you will see a toggle switch, turning this on will show the 360Penguin Logo. The 360Penguin app also allows you to customize your own logo. In other words, uploading personal photos is a possibility. It is worth mentioning, regardless of what view you are in, whether it be fish-eye or little planet, the Logo will still show up.

Outlining the Benefits

Although the benefit is clear, I must further emphasize the importance of addressing the nadir. Covering up the tripod and stitch line beneath the camera makes your content look far more professional and clean. Looking through a VR headset at content with a visible tripod or stitch line dulls the experience. Alternatively, looking at clean content through a VR headset is a very rewarding experience.

Not only does adding a Logo serve a specific function, it can also add a very unique look. Understanding the relationship between nadir and 360 will help you shoot the content you desire!




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