360Rize Adds Shoulder Mount For The 360Penguin Action Camera

360Rize 360Penguin tiff tracks 360 clip

Newest 360Penguin Accessory 360Rize has recently announced the addition of our newest 360Penguin accessory, the Shoulder Mount! The Shoulder mount, when used with the 360Penguin action camera, captures unique perspectives. Capture 1st person point of view shots with ease. The Shoulder mount is a great hands-free companion accessory to our flagship action camera. Additionally, the […]

360Rize Showcases The Game-Changing 360Penguin To Outdoor Enthusiasts

360Rize 360Penguin Hamburg Feature

Showcasing The 360Penguin at the WNY Sport & Travel Expo The WNY Sport & Travel Expo located in Hamburg NY, represented 360Rize‘s third outdoor show this year. And much like the previous two, it was a major success! Coming into the show, our mission was simple. To show as many outdoor enthusiasts and Sportsman alike […]

360 Live-streaming in an instant with the 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Easy Live Streaming

Since the world debut of 360 video, camera manufacturers, social media outlets, and content creators alike have all continued to improve all things 360. As the community continues to grow, cameras and viewing platforms continue to improve. Recent improvements have now allowed cameras, such as the 360Penguin, to live-stream instantly to Facebook or YouTube. Live-streaming […]

Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Sports Penguin Cheer

You ever been at a sporting event, trying to capture the action, when all the sudden something really unexpected happens just out of frame? How about when you are following the ball down the field and the perfect block takes place 15 yards away? For the team photographer shooting with the standard camera, those key […]