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360Rize Adds Shoulder Mount For The 360Penguin Action Camera

Newest 360Penguin Accessory

360Rize 360Penguin on Tiff's shoulder
Easy Self Mount Option For 360 Capture
360Rize has recently announced the addition of our newest 360Penguin accessory, the Shoulder Mount! The Shoulder mount, when used with the 360Penguin action camera, captures unique perspectives. Capture 1st person point of view shots with ease. The Shoulder mount is a great hands-free companion accessory to our flagship action camera. Additionally, the 360Penguin Shoulder Mount enhances your content capture abilities. The best part? It is available right now on our website www.360rize.com.

How It Makes Things Easier!

Added to our growing list of accessories, the 360Penguin Shoulder Mounts main party trick is the ability to capture 1st person point of view.  This is much better than the widely used Head mounting solutions. That is to say that footage can project experience without following head movements. As a result, the capture of those special moments will be much more straightforward, literally. Securing this new accessory is a traditional hook-and-loop velcro fastener, which adjusts on the chest and shoulder for the perfect fit.  A built-in 1/4″-20 adaptor is fixed on the shoulder strap. This adaptor allows for quick attach and detach. Additionally, the 360Penguin Shoulder Mount is made of weatherproof neoprene. Furthermore it can be adjusted to fit most body sizes, while also being able to fit on either shoulder. If your goal is to take smooth perspective shots from a unique angle, the 360Penguin shoulder mount is the accessory for you! 360Rize 360Penguin Shoulder Mount is available on www.360rize.com for the price of $49.95 USD.

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