360Rize is attending the 2019 WNY Sport & Travel Expo

The Great Outdoors is Calling You! From March 7th – 10th, all of us here at 360Rize will be in Hamburg, NY showcasing our game-changing 360 degree action camera, the 360Penguin. Specifically, we will be showing outdoor enthusiasts and sportsman alike the benefits of using our camera system. This years WNY Sport & Travel Expo… Continue reading 360Rize is attending the 2019 WNY Sport & Travel Expo

Hitting the slopes with the 360Penguin

You’re on your board. The powder is neatly groomed, and a few tracks have been cut in it. You want to share the adventure of an early season run. Here’s a slight problem. Your camera can only capture the action in front of you or facing you if you have it on a selfie stick.… Continue reading Hitting the slopes with the 360Penguin

360Penguin Live-Stream Mount Advantages

Running On Empty? Let’s review some of the biggest problems with action cameras today. As small and easy as these cameras are to carry around, the size of the batteries are usually small as well. Therefore, the probability of having a long beneficial production shoot using these cameras are slim to none. Additionally, a 360… Continue reading 360Penguin Live-Stream Mount Advantages

Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

You ever been at a sporting event, trying to capture the action, when all the sudden something really unexpected happens just out of frame? How about when you are following the ball down the field and the perfect block takes place 15 yards away? For the team photographer shooting with the standard camera, those key… Continue reading Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

Hunting in 360

360Penguin Hunting Header

Its Hunting Season How many of you sportsmen out there look forward to this time of year? Escaping the daily hustle and bustle of civilization is appealing enough! Many outdoors-men simply throw on some camouflage to revert to a place where things are simple and pure. Peace and quiet accompanied by the occasional visits of… Continue reading Hunting in 360