360Rize 360Penguin Livestream mount adapter

360Penguin Live-Stream Mount Advantages

Running On Empty?

360Rize charging input pic
Access To The 360Penguin Charging Port

Let’s review some of the biggest problems with action cameras today. As small and easy as these cameras are to carry around, the size of the batteries are usually small as well. Therefore, the probability of having a long beneficial production shoot using these cameras are slim to none. Additionally, a 360 camera is known to consume large amounts of power because of the sizable files they create.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment and missing it because of an abrupt end in power. The 360Penguin notably has the capability to supply an average of an hour and a half worth of power. However 360Rize has developed a back-up plan for this most reoccurring issue. Our solution, the 360Penguin Live Streaming Mount Adaptor.

Oh, The Possibilities

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Place The 360Penguin Anywhere!

Now that we have brought up the fact that we can supply continuous power, lets discuss the Livestream Mounts other main advantage. This advantage goes without saying, as the name of the product gives it away! Yes, Live-Streaming is possible using the 360Penguin and the Live-Streaming Mount. 360Rize has listened as many have asked for a 360 live-streaming solution the last couple of years. The Live-Streaming Mount makes it possible for users to access the bottom of the 360Penguin camera. The Mount still makes it possible to secure the camera to a tripod or other monopod.  Located on the bottom of the 360Penguin is the access door to the SD card slot and the charging port. As users connect their 360Penguin to the free 360Penguin App, set up the live-streaming option desired. After that, begin streaming in real-time with one touch of the phone screen selecting the option!

Live-Streaming Explained

Assembly Livestream Mount
Easy Assembly Of The Live-Stream Mount

We want 360 content capture to be fun. There is nothing more fun than sharing your experiences live as they are happening! Furthermore, being able to communicate with others that are not physically present while the filming is taking place. Using the 360Penguin App, users can live-stream to Facebook or YouTube. Simply connect to either of these sharing platforms on the 360Penguin App. Depending on the available internet service, users can catch 4K 360 footage and immediately share within the app. Since the camera has continuous power available with the mount, the live-stream can be endless! For example, if you have the need to film a lengthy live event, the 360Penguin can definitely handle the job!

AP Mode Streaming

Our 360Penguin App is not the only solution to making live-streaming possible. The 360Penguin also has the capabilities to livestream using AP Mode. In other words, the 360Penguin can access a wired Wi-Fi network’s strong signal by accessing the network using our AP Mode set up on the 360Penguin App. All that is required is the name and the login to the Wi-Fi to the network router to connect. Once this is entered, the chances of resolution output being the clearest possible are a bit easier to accomplish. Find out how to do it from Friday’s blog.



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