Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

You ever been at a sporting event, trying to capture the action, when all the sudden something really unexpected happens just out of frame? How about when you are following the ball down the field and the perfect block takes place 15 yards away? For the team photographer shooting with the standard camera, those key… Continue reading Sports: A Natural Fit for the 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin at the Dream It Do It 500

360Rize 360Penguin at the DIDI 500 On Saturday, November 3rd, 360Rize was at St.Bonaventure University’s Richter Center for the seventh annual Dream It Do It 500. This event hosts over 200 students from around the area. These students, all with an interest in engineering and manufacturing, would have their skills put to the test. The… Continue reading 360Rize 360Penguin at the Dream It Do It 500

Do’s and Don’ts of 360Penguin Shooting

360Penguin mounted on a drone.

Do’s and Don’ts of shooting 360 content The world of 360 is growing by the minute. Thanks to new innovative technology, such as in-camera stitching, taking 360 video is now easier than ever. That being said, in order to shoot the 360 content you desire, best practices should still be followed. These guidelines, in this… Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of 360Penguin Shooting

Hunting in 360

360Penguin Hunting Header

Its Hunting Season How many of you sportsmen out there look forward to this time of year? Escaping the daily hustle and bustle of civilization is appealing enough! Many outdoors-men simply throw on some camouflage to revert to a place where things are simple and pure. Peace and quiet accompanied by the occasional visits of… Continue reading Hunting in 360

Easy-To-Operate 360Penguin

Mission Accomplished! 360Rize has worked tirelessly to create an easy to operate 360 camera solution. We have been around since 2012 and we are familiar with the struggles one may have as a first-time 360 user. The knowledge and patience required to use a multi-camera system was not appealing to the normal consumer. Therefore, we… Continue reading Easy-To-Operate 360Penguin

360Penguins are Social

Much like the penguin in the wild, the 360Penguin is a social bird. He lives better in his waddle, with other birds. We believe the best way for our 360Penguin users to learn, grow and thrive is to be social as well! Our social media channels will help you with that process. Be a part… Continue reading 360Penguins are Social

Halloween in 360

Chasing kids and missing images at parties? Normally a trip to a daycare Halloween party would have ended differently. We can all relate to the situation. Little ones running around doing what kids do while the adults attempt to keep up with them. Most of the time this means missing out on those special moments… Continue reading Halloween in 360

Unboxing The 360Penguin

Everything a 360 Producer needs! Congratulations on the purchase of your new 360Penguin camera! As you know, the 360Penguin will give you the ability to share your favorite experiences in a full 360 degrees! 360Rize is always here for any questions you may have. To get you going, we have created some great ‘How-To’ videos… Continue reading Unboxing The 360Penguin

360Rize™ Announces the 360Penguin: World’s First Family Friendly 360° VR video and photo panoramic camera that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The 360Penguin is here! 360Rize™ introduces the 360Penguin, officially launched on Kickstarter, an amazingly lightweight camera that shoots 6K, 4K, 360° VR video and 24-megapixel 360 photos. 360ize designed the 360Penguin  for all ages.  Through its mobile app, users can now live stream using cellular Wi-Fi or directly through a local network, without being tethered.… Continue reading 360Rize™ Announces the 360Penguin: World’s First Family Friendly 360° VR video and photo panoramic camera that can be enjoyed by all ages.