360Rize Booth

DEMA 2017 Show Highlights! This year, 360Rize® announced the debut of their 360 video content capturing unit built and priced with the recreational underwater videographer/diver in mind. After the final successful testing of durability and review of clear 6K resolution video gathered by the newest unit,  360Rize® chose The DEMA Show 2017 to introduce the… Continue reading THE DEMA SHOW 2017

Macdonald Productions Uses VR to Further Oceanic Awareness

Bill Macdonald filming 360 video underwater in Cabo Pulmo.

Our long-time friend Bill Macdonald of Macdonald Productions has built his career around marine education, conservation and entertainment. His films allow viewers to explore the world’s aquatic environments and marine life with a firsthand perspective. We’re proud to be working with Bill, a NOGI Award-winning cinematographer and diver, to keep pushing the boundaries of filmmaking as he shares his… Continue reading Macdonald Productions Uses VR to Further Oceanic Awareness