360Rize Booth
360Rize Booth

DEMA 2017 Show Highlights!

This year, 360Rize® announced the debut of their 360 video content capturing unit built and priced with the recreational underwater videographer/diver in mind. After the final successful testing of durability and review of clear 6K resolution video gathered by the newest unit,  360Rize® chose The DEMA Show 2017 to introduce the 360 SeaDAK which uses two Kodak® SP360 4K cameras.

The DEMA Show 2017 in sunny Orlando, Florida was as thrilling as 360Rize® had hoped for! The CEO and creator of underwater 360 camera configurations, Michael Kintner, and his crew, once again did not disappoint as he showcased all the wonderful options he has patented and made available to the scuba community since 2015.  Underwater footage filmed with the SeaDAK by Macdonald Productions was on display to view as well as editing solutions showcased by 360Rize®.  As one of the only creators of this kind of technology, he continued to revealed the newest developments, using the 360Abyss™ design, that will accommodate more current camera options than the original utilized GoPro™ Hero 4 camera for this unit.

Before now, the 360Abyss™ has been the only underwater 360 option sold by 360Rize®, and targeted the market for extreme underwater videographers that specialize in gathering 360 video content to depths of 1,000 meters.  Now the 360 SeaDAK with a certified diving depth rating of 130 feet (we know it will go to 230ft without a problem) (see SeaDAK under pressure video below), professionals, prosumers and consumers can all experience filming underwater 360 video.

360Rize® has created a kit for around $2500 that includes just about everything you will need to get started!

Key Features of the 360Rize® SeaDAK Underwater Rig (patent pending)

• Houses two KODAK® PIXPRO SP360 4K or action cameras
• Captures fully spherical 360 x 180 degree videos and photos underwater
• 360 video output resolutions up to 6K (6,000 X 3,000)
• Depth rating of 130 feet however we know it can go to 230ft without a problem. (See SeaDAK under pressure below)
• External controls for turning cameras on/off and to start/stop recording
• Multiple 3/8″ and 1/4″-20 threaded mounting points for camera pole, ROV, dive scooter, and submarine mounting
• Ability to film seamless 360 video both above and underwater

Example of 6K 360 Photo from SeaDAK


[vrview img=”” ]

Example of 6K 360 Video from SeaDAK

RAW Video File:  XXX

[vrview img=”” ]

SeaDAK Assembly Overview (Animated)

Hows does the SeaDAK go together?

How well does the SeaDAK work under pressure?

So whats in the SeaDAK and Case?

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