The Top 10 360° Videos of 2014

Our team has enjoyed seeing the amazing content 360 video producers have created in 2014. Image: VR Playhouse.

360Heros is celebrating the New Year by looking back at the great 360 video content we’ve seen in 2014. With the 360Heros 360 Video Hosting Center receiving daily uploads from producers across the globe, we’ve had the privilege of enjoying some awesome content! In an effort to help share this great work, we’re recapping 10 of our favorite 360… Continue reading The Top 10 360° Videos of 2014

Opabinia Films Runs With the Bulls in 360°

Opabinia Films captured The Running of the Bulls with the 360Heros H3Pro7.

Opabinia Films is offering viewers, among other interesting projects, a taste of Spanish culture via their 360° video productions. Their marquee projects include capturing the Running of the Bulls in 360° with the H3Pro7 and producing a music video for Estopa, one of the world’s most popular Spanish-speaking musical groups. The name Opabinia is derived from the name of the… Continue reading Opabinia Films Runs With the Bulls in 360°