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360 is easier than you think!

Don’t Worry,…Its Not That Scary

360Rize Nina VR Headset360Rize has, and always will be, excited to show the whole world how to capture stellar 360 content. For years, we have been credited as educators in this type of content capture. Since 2012, 360Rize started 360 footage collection. Using our own design of multi camera rigs, we took well known action cameras and created 360 footage! This was certainly groundbreaking!  As a result, many professional film makers began to seek us out. Not only did we specialize in design and manufacture of the 360 multi camera rigs, we began to educate others how to create 360 footage as well. As scary as it all sounds, the world of 360 content capture has come a long way since then. Furthermore, 360 capture has become a lot easier to accomplish. 360Rize would like to show you a thing or two about 360 content capture. Afterwards, we hope you would be more open to trying it for yourself using our latest products!

How Does 360 Work?

360Rize welcomes new usersIf you are familiar with how to take a regular picture or video, then you are capable of taking 360 footage just as easily. Their are not a lot of differences between the two as far as functionality. As a matter of fact, the difference between a regular camera and a 360 camera is that a 360 camera captures an image or video without limitations in the play back. Wherever the 360 camera or rig is set, users can capture everything from that point. Just command the camera to take the picture or video. Afterwards, view your 360 footage! The choice will be yours to keep it in 360 view or equi-rectangular view. However, if you would like to re-frame the photo or video to focus in on a certain focal point, you can! It just opens up your options and ensures that you’ll capture the footage you’re trying to catch!

What Is The Easiest To Use Gear Available?

360Rize_Online_training_button360Rize has a solution for first time 360 content creators. The 360Penguin Camera is a straight forward tool. It features two fish eye lenses that together capture full 360 content. The merging of the images from both lenses is accomplished within the camera eliminating post production stitching woes. Therefore, with just a click of one button, users capture 360, and have 360 to preview! Additionally, the camera comes with a free 360Penguin App. The 360Penguin App aids in previewing your camera placement making sure you are capturing the angle you desire.  Additionally, the App possesses tools that make editing and sharing easy as well! Check out some of our training videos to see for yourself!

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Where Can I Shoot 360?

ANYWHERE!!! The great thing about the 360Penguin camera is that it is small and sleek enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Furthermore, it has attachments included with it to ensure proper securement to any tripod, monopod, or action camera mount out there! Additionally, it comes with a flexible tripod to work with table-top or uneven surfaces. The list is never-ending where we have already captured footage ourselves. To name a few, we have captured 360 while biking, motorcycling, riding horses, traveling, vacationing, or just capturing the beauty of something you’ve always loved, just to share later with others to tell the story!

Can I Use 360 For My Business?

From a business stand point, the 360Penguin can be used as a marketing tool.  Users can live-stream events or just a message you’d like to send to the world.  360 pictures of your workspace can help tell your businesses story. Furthermore, the 360 pictures taken with the 360penguin can be assembled to make a virtual tour using many available free apps out there! Its no surprise that we have done just that ourselves! So the real question here is…”Why Not Shoot 360? There are so many benefits! Take advantage of them all today!

  1. Sporting Events
  2. Real-estate Tours
  3. Camping/Vacationing
  4. Hunting/Fishing
  5. Off-road or Street Legal vehicle travels
  6. Simplest times in your life! (see below video!)

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