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Five things 360Rize does that is changing VR

You’ve seen them as you scroll your Facebook Newsfeed. Those 360 images that show off the landscape around someone as they climb a mountain or ski down a hill, even bike through a place like the Mojave Desert. How many times have you swiped left, right, up and down just to wish you could make the same kind of content? It would be cool to show others what’s going on all around you, wouldn’t it?

It’s a part of the virtual reality (VR) industry, being able to show off the world around you. For decades, it has been the game played by companies and people with money to be able to access the kind of price the cameras run and the time it took to put together the angles and scenes to make the 360 image.

Game-Changing Tech

Well, 360Rize hasn’t just changed the rules of the game. They have completely changed the game. Here are a few things that make the 360Rize 360Penguin the real VR game changer.

  1. On-board stitching – From the invention of the stereoscope, virtual reality faced the issue of putting together multiple images to create one seamless environment to offer the viewer. The 360Penguin from 360Rize had put that technology right into the camera. Now, instead of having to piece it all together after shooting, the 360Penguin takes the two images that come from its twin 210-degree lenses and stitched them into a fully spherical 360 image.
360Rize 360PenguinUnstitched_(1024x1024)
Two images not stitched
360Rize 360Penguin stitch_onboard_(1024x1024)
Images stitched together inside the 360Penguin.

2. Resolution – When you’re experiencing 360 virtual reality image resolution is an imperative. The 360Penguin shoots content at 24-megapixel for images and records video at 4K and 6K resolution. No more searching for the perfect frame or squeezing the family together for a full shot. Get around the camera and you capture it all in the industry’s top resolution.

360Rize 360Penguin PenguinAnimation

3. Price – There was a time that a camera that would produce great 360-degree quality would cost thousands. You could get the same result from a rig that would hold several cameras, but that would lead to spending hour upon hour piecing your video together. The 360Rize 360Penguin is less than $300 and does everything the larger systems will do, even the onboard stitching, as mentioned above.

4. Livestreaming – Let’s face it. You want to be able to share your 360 content with the world. So, why not do it as it happens? The 360Penguin from 360Rize has the ability to do this in a fashion not seen in the competition. All you need to be able to share through livestream on Facebook and YouTube is your 360Penguin and the free 360Penguin App. Here’s the part that so many other competitors seem to be missing. Now, the 360Penguin does it untethered. The only connection is through Wi-Fi Direct connection.

Kevin Kunze, a 360 content producer and influencer, tests out live stream.

5. Ease of Use – The 360Penguin can function with the use of just one button. Through the 360Penguin App, connected by Wi-Fi Direct, there’s an additional button, but that’s to just start that connection.

The advantages continue to mount as the 360Penguin grows. Join the 360 content creation revolution.

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