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Add Durability to the Cuteness

Sure, it looks all cute and cuddly, but the 360Penguin can hold its own in just about every environment. How many times have you taken a ride down a muddy or snowy path and wished you could get a good video of everything going on, without the huge hit to your wallet?

Snowmobile Catastrophe

The 360Penguin has been put through his paces and is ready to show just what he is made of. He’s been out for a snowmobile ride and fallen off. After a week out in the snow, rain and elements, the Penguin started right up and took off, shooting video with no problem.

Check out the 360 video below!

Muddy Speed360Rize 360Penguin Muddy Bird

The bird went for a ride on a dirt track racecar as well! He went lap for lap and caught some great imagery and a bit of mud, but kept going like a champ. With the action mount, you can connect this bird just about anywhere to go for a ride.

Rainy, Cold Outdoors and Games

360Rize 360Penguin Tree Mount
360Rize 360Penguin Tree Mount

Even for those that are not looking for the thrill of the ride, or the dirty side of the outdoors, the durability of the 360Penguin keeps it in the action. Two of these little chicks were out in the rain, snow, and cold of little league football games in the late October elements of Southwestern New York. Incredibly, the cameras performed without a glitch, even with some water on the lens and rather high winds.

The 360Penguin is also an avid outdoorsman. We have talked about how well it handles hunting, even a hike in the woods.

Dirt and Grime

Contractors have even had the chance to take these compact bundles of great technology to work with them. Mounted on the arm of an excavator, even a paver, the 360Penguin has captured some truly great images and video.

Here’s the great part. Brush off that mud and clean off the grease and the 360Penguin will be in the center of the action. It is ready to capture that party, holiday, or any other celebration.

Yes, the 360Penguin is a cute camera. The technology and the power, coupled with the durability of the device, makes it the perfect tool for anything you want to capture.

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