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Not just a cute camera, the 360Penguin is a Serious Tool

360Rize 360Penguin WavePenguins are a cute animal. Why else would teams of people go to a place like the Antarctic just to study them? They have been portrayed in cartoons as the lovable little guy wearing a tuxedo. The 360Penguin is no different. However, there is a more powerful side, a superhero, you could say, to the 360Penguin. The cute and cuddly side is the Clark Kent to the tough as nails professional Superman side.

Looking like a small cold-weather fowl might make this camera look like a toy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Small, compact, and inexpensive does not make the 360Penguin a cheap tech toy. This thing has the power to be a business tool for so many reasons.

With the ability to shoot 4k and 6k video in 360 degrees, the 360Penguin sees everything in your work environment.

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Real Estate professionals can take just a bit of time out of their busy day to set up a virtual tour in spherical 360-degree imaging. Fly through from room to room to show clients a preview of a home or commercial building without the site visit. Why waste all that drive and tour time when a video tour could have eliminated a property right away?


At the Job Site

Contractors can use the 360Penguin to assess a job in the round. Set the camera in the center of the room and take a 24-megapixel image of the work area to be able to see how it will all work together. Professional restoration jobs can benefit in knowing how to plan their project and to have before and after images of the work.

Doing potentially dangerous work in public areas? The 360Penguin can be mounted virtually anywhere. Record your project. Create a record of the safety procedures and the actions, just in case the unforeseeable happens.

The 360Penguin is water resistant and sturdy enough for all your projects. At just $289.88, the cost is low enough that you won’t break the bank if you need to replace it for some reason.

The 360Penguin is just as much a job site tool as a family friend.

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