360Rize 360Penguin Finish Line FI

360Rize wants to give you a Christmas gift for helping us reach our 360Penguin goal, but you have to hurry!

360Rize 360Penguin and accessories

Kickstarter is Coming Down to the Wire!

We have caught the eye of a good number of backers and have received more than 85 percent of the funding we are looking for, but we need your help to push us to the finish line. We are in a race against the clock to be able to bring these to our supporters for a huge discount! Get the 360Penguin and get out to shoot 360 content for just $225 while this campaign lasts!

The perfect gift for the holidays, the 360Penguin gives you the freedom to simply place the camera in the middle of the action, start recording, and forget it. The 360-degree capture, 24-megapixel photo or 6K video, will get everything that’s taking place all around you!360Rize-360Penguin-360-Shots-to-2D-Shots

You’ll never miss the action just outside of the frame or cut Uncle Jim out of a photo again! All you have to do is download, crop and share or print, and you have the perfect family photo with everyone in it.

As our Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, your chance of buying this cute but powerful camera is also coming to an end. If you help us out, you will be able to purchase this camera for $225! It will be retailing for just under $300 when it hits stores. Why not save almost $75 on a compact camera that captures everything and sacrifices nothing?

High Flying Tech in a Cute Package!

360Rize And they say 360Penguin's can't fly
360Penguin mounted on a drone.

The 360Penguin is not only for capturing photos and videos for later. With the help of a smart phone, iOS or Android, you’ll be live streaming to everyone! Now the family that lives across the country, or even on the other side of the world, will be able to attend that Christmas concert, graduation, or even a wedding, in real time.

Our small camera looks cute, but it is a serious player with the technology we have packed inside. The camera takes care of the formerly time-consuming process of stitching together the images to make one spherical 360-degree image that captures everything. Whether you are in your hunting blind or tree stand, or capturing all of those special holiday events and celebrations, the 360Penguin is the perfect tool for the entire family to use.

So, are you ready to help us out? All you have to do is head over to our Kickstarter campaign page and become a 360Penguin backer. It is that simple. But you have to do it quick! With only five days left, the deals will be gone before you know it!



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