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360Heros gear now stocked at B&H Photo Video

BH Photo Logo360Heros is proud to share the news that B&H Photo Video now carries our full line of virtual reality film gear and software.

For the first time, content creators will be able to shop in person for our patented 360 Plug-n-Play™ holders, VR filming accessories and software including 360CamMan – taking the guess work out of 360 video file management.

Pro6 VR gear
360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play VR gear is now available at B&H Photo.

Read the full B&H Photo announcement courtesy of Yahoo! Finance.

“This is a really exciting next step for us, having our gear physically stocked and ready for VR innovators to purchase and start creating great videos immediately, without waiting for shipping,” Michael Kintner, 360Heros founder and CEO, said.

“Immersive 360 video is still so new that having our products available for filmmakers to see in a brick-and-mortar store helps them be that much more confident 360Heros assemblies and software will satisfy their needs,” he added.

The news follows the announcement that 360Heros recently received a US patent for its camera holding assemblies.

“The patent affirmed our stake in virtual reality and our goals to help grow this new frontier in video technology,” Mr. Kintner noted. “This was a real milestone for our team and so to add the announcement that our gear is in B&H is really exciting.”

We’re thrilled to be working with the B&H team and hope our collaboration gives content creators the opportunity to experience VR technology in person.