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The Fight for Innovation: A David vs Goliath Tale – 360Rize – Realty Inside Zero Edges

The Fight for Innovation: A David vs Goliath Tale

At 360Heros Inc / 360Rize, we’ve always believed in the transformative power of technology and its potential to revolutionize storytelling. Our passion and drive for innovation led us to create our patented technology, which gained global recognition and changed the way people capture their experiences. But our journey has been fraught with challenges.

Our story mirrors a classic David vs Goliath tale. Our small family business found itself in the crosshairs of corporate giant GoPro. Instead of innovating independently, GoPro exploited the patent system using its fancy lawyers and vast financial resources to steam roll a small family business because todays patent system failed to adequately protect inventors, then GoPro used our technology for its gain and made millions. This sparked a draining, costly legal battle for over 8.5 years, forcing us to halt our operations therefore limiting our ability to innovate.

The challenges amplified during the trial showing how big tech and its money can twist anything in its favor, especially when we faced an intimidating team of 14 lawyers and aides with only two on our side. Even after their victory, GoPro didn’t stop, they wanted to kill 360Heros for good and then pushed further with Title 35 of the U.S, Code, Section 285, (which only happens in Patent Cases) seeking not only to defeat us but to push this small family business out of business and existence in its entirely.  All while profiting immensely from our innovations.  We are still waiting on the court’s decision as 6/15/2023 of the Section 285 ruling.

However, our fight extends beyond the interests of our business. It’s about upholding the principles of innovation, creativity, and fair play. Regrettably, in today’s business landscape, success seems reserved for those with vast financial resources and robust legal teams who relish in extinguishing family-led innovation. Meanwhile, the patent system, originally designed to protect inventors, is failing in its purpose, instead serving as a tool enabling corporate exploitation.

It’s in this context that we’ve found immense support from organizations like US Inventor. Founded on the principles enshrined in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, US Inventor is committed to restoring a robust patent system. Their mission aligns with ours – to establish a strong patent system that protects inventors and small businesses, allowing them to defend their innovations against powerful corporations.

US Inventor recognizes the role of patents in driving innovation, national security, and economic stability. Like us, they are alarmed at how recent legislation and court decisions have undermined these principles. We stand together in our mission to right these wrongs, restore integrity to the patent system, and ensure a level playing field for all innovators.

Despite the odds, we remain firm in defending our rights. We’re committed to restoring patent rights and ensuring the USPTO serves as a protector for inventors, not a tool for corporate exploitation. We will continue to fight for our innovations and advocate for fairness in technological advancements.

As we stand on the battlefield, we remind everyone that we are more than just a business. We are a symbol of resilience. We represent every small innovator facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. And most importantly, we stand for the true spirit of innovation.

Our journey may be challenging, but we won’t be defeated. With the support of organizations like US Inventor, we will continue to innovate, create, and inspire, all while fighting for what is rightfully ours. We may be the “little guy,” but we won’t let corporate greed silence us. We’re determined to fight for our dreams, our rights, and for a fairer, more innovative future.

What I would like to add is after struggling with this issue for more than 9.5 years, having Big Tech duplicate your patent can make you feel as if having a patent was pointless in the first place.   So your best bet is don’t even get a patent, its worthless and should be burned!

And after working with US Iventor they too, wonder how our patent system is really worthless when it comes to having a patent when our own US government favor China or American Innocations.  Read More Here as to how 360Heros faired against Section 285 where GoPro sues 360Heros for attorney fees.  Its sad how our justive system works!