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“Whats So Cool About Manufacturing” Award Winners!

360Rize Award WSCM 2Leading The Way!

360Rize is no stranger to supplementing our areas youth with knowledge not typically taught in schools. On more than one occasion, we have opened our doors to different groups of youngsters. While here, they learn of high tech camera gear that they may not learn about in school.  They take in all of the information about our products, how we design them, and what the products can do for different markets. To say the least, they leave our facility totally mystified. Moreover,we are usually hard pressed to find a student who just are not moved by the info we give them. One of the most excitable groups we have had is a small group out of Otto Eldred PA. This group has set out to see “Whats so cool about manufacturing?” . 360Rize does the best they can to show them the coolest company in WNY!

Oswayo Valley Area School District

360Rize 360Penguin WSCM KidsThe program called “Whats So Cool About Manufacturing” focuses on sending our youth out to discover manufacturing companies and jobs they may have never noticed before. Therefore, students have a chance to discover the amazing job opportunities that may await them when they complete their school career. Although it was a small group, the interest was more present for this hand full of  kids than some of the larger groups we have hosted. This particular group was already invested in the photography and videography field. They understood the workflow of video production already.  To learn about 360 and how far we have come with it seemed exhilarating to them! Furthermore they decided to feature 360Rize in their annual Educational Media Contest!

“What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Educational Media Contest!

360Rize WSCAM-GraphicTM-cropThe contest took place in early March of this year. Oswayo youngsters strived to win this contest by putting together the best presentation of our 360Rize Company. Video highlights showed our CEO Michael Kintner and other staff members. It featured our products and how they are used, and all of the companies accomplishments. Moreover, it showed some of the key employees at 360Rize and highlighted the jobs they carry out. These students took in all of the information from their short visit to our office. Some by memory, and some by basic videography and photography. Notably, these students also took the 360 footage gathered during their visit and used it in their video presentation! This tech is so new, but these kids embraced it right away!

Award Winners

Although the Oswayo Valley Kids did not win the grand prize this time, they did win an award for having the Most Outstanding Team Spirit! Unbeknown to 360Rize, some of the physical awards were presented to us as well for merely taking part of this contest. 360Rize could not be more proud to be associated with this fine group of adolescents. On the other hand, 360Rize cannot take all of the credit for the amazing video that the  Oswayo Valley kids created. However, how cool is it that we could add that 360 footage that no one else had in their final videos? Additionally, Oswayo Valley kids left 360Rize knowing fully “Whats So Cool About Manufacturing”!