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 May I Have Your Attention!

360rize Fan Without text.phpOne thing is for sure, lately everywhere we go, the 360Rize booth is easily found by many! The utilization of latest tech that we have seen at leading electronic tradeshows such as CES has helped our marketing efforts tremendously. We have noted the latest and greatest tech for consumers and businesses at these events. We also noticed some tech that could coerce more people to our booth at our periodic trade shows. Furthermore, this tool we have found can display the real product we are trying to market the most. We are talking about the 3D Holographic Display. This Fan Display literally rises above all of the booths surrounding 360Rize at any event to captivate the attention of potential customers. In fact, many have inquired about where they could also go to purchase on of these luring displays. Therefore 360Rize is proud to announce that we now have these 3D Holographic Fans in stock for purchase by popular demand!

We Are Big Fans!

Since we discovered this cool marketing display, we have also found that there are ones with a lesser resolution on the market. 360Rize has always prided themselves with products that produce the best resolution output. Although this usually applies to our 360 production gear,  it also applies to our marketing gear. So much, that people come from blocks around at trade shows to see who has the 3D Hologram that best promotes items and company at the show. It seems to draw people in before they even know what they are looking at! Our particular 3D Holographic fans have the maximum output of 1080P using four different blades that rotate at 1000 RPMs. Each blade containing LED beads gives the ultimate projection area of  25.6 inches wide.  Control and prompt The fan with the remote included. Furthermore, the fans can be controlled by a free App that can be programmed to the selected fan.  Watch and witness many flock to see your projected information presented in the newest fashion!

Its Good To Show Off!

360Rize In-Store-Use-FanUpon the purchase of the fan display, many want to know how to upload their desired content for display. The process may sound a bit overwhelming. However, the process is very easy to do! Whether your tying to upload 3D Designs, or actual picture or video footage, rest assured that the process is easy.  There are many different free software available to help you design your 3D images for display. Once you have created them, upload the desired display information using the App with the powerful WiFi Signal from the fan. A micro SD card inserted in the fan will ensure the proper upload and save of your desired information. Once all of the data is uploaded, the rest is easy! Share your message while engaging the holographic display fans and watch the flock of inquirers come in!

See it happening Live from the Trade Show
Watch the YouTube 360 live view BELOW and checkout the FANS in ACTION inside our booth as they draw customers in.

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360Rize does not only provide the 3D Holographic fans. We also assist with the design of anything you want displayed on the fan as well! 360Rize is very experienced with 3D design. Our in-house design team can take the idea in your head and make it a reality. If you have any questions about purchasing or setting up your 3D Holographic Display Fan, please contact [email protected]!

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