A 360Camera Introduction To New Users!

360Rize 360Penguin New Users

Congratulations On Your Purchase!

360Rize Business Use of 360Prenguin360Rize appreciates your order of the New User-Friendly 360Penguin camera! The exciting world of 360 content capture is now at your fingertips!  You may have been shown personally by our team how the 360Penguin works. However, there is so much information to remember initially about this little camera because of its many abilities.  This new venture may be intimidating at times for new users. Rest assured that 360Rize wants to help you hit the road running when it comes to this type of filming!

Penguin Uses For Business Owners!     360Rize 360Penguin Business

As we have shown in our own footage, you can take the 360Penguin anywhere. Therefore, the professional or personal scenarios in which this camera can be useful are endless! If you are a business owner that wants to promote your business a  bit better, the 360Penguin can help! Just set up the camera and film any message you’d like to share in a well-staged environment. Afterward, upload the footage to your favorite social platforms from your phone or computer! Facebook and YouTube are some of the great platforms that support 360 footage. For a deeper look into your company, the 360Penguin can also capture footage used in virtual building tours. Simply submit your 360 content to helpful workshop tools such as Kuula and start showing off your ambient establishment. These are ways that you can start showcasing your professional story and enticing customers to be a part of your success!

Penguin Uses For Regular Photo-holics!

360Rize 360Penguin fanatics AKT teamShare share share! All of us love to share our awesome life events caught on camera. Forget trying to capture it all on your limited cellphone.  If your looking to take some personal 360 content, the shareability of 360 footage is easier than ever for the recreational shutterbug. Furthermore, 360Rize is most excited to involve the consumer market with this great 360Penguin camera. No longer will 360 capture be a thing for only professionals! With the one button control of the 360Penguin camera, it is quite easy to maneuver this compact system. In addition, because there are so many social platforms that recognize 360 content currently, there are many places a user can exhibit their captured life event!

Help Us Help You!

Believe us when we say that we have been in the 360 games for a long time! Even though it all makes perfect sense to us, 360Rize also knows that we may get a bit overly technical with our product verbiage and videos. To give better examples of just how the 360Penguin workflow works, we have constructed a training page full of videos or information that you may not have heard when you purchased your camera. Feel free to visit our Training Page or please contact us on our Technical Support page! If you would like to speak with a 360 professional, contact us 9-5 Monday through Friday at 585-376-0360 and we will be glad to assist you through any issues that may arise!

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