360Rize 360Penguin is on the Rize

360 Content Capture -Sources Say Its On The Rize!

Times They Are A-Changin’!

360Rize Penguin_on_cars-futureDigi-Capital AR VR ForecastThe exciting thing about being in the 360 hardware and software business is watching it evolve.  360 gear and education is getting better all the time! Since our company, 360Rize, is among the pioneers of fully spherical content creation history, we have seen a lot of change over the years. 360 production was previously a tool meant for professional filmmakers only. The workflow to create 360 content was overwhelming. Gear was super expensive and cumbersome. Limited sharing platforms available to exhibit hard work accomplished afterward also became a problem. 360Rize was always optimistic about 360 gaining interest. However, we could’ve never anticipated the rapid growth in 360 interest that was to come. While we speak a bit about our new products, let us show you some statistics that support our current product has us in the right place at the right time.

Why Change Is Good!

360Rize Nina Headset360Rize knows the reasons why 360 production was not immediately considered by the normal shutterbug. What turned it all around for the consumer market?  We have recently joined in on a webinar called A Reality Check on 360-Degree Camera Marketplace in 2019.  Many critics and marketplace analysts have taken interest in the VR market rise. They’ve studied the needs and wants from customers, and the response from 360 camera competitors with ever-growing tech advancements.  Along with 360 cameras, they have also noticed and studied the demand for other associated hardware. Primarily the rise in sales of VR headsets. This sensation has promoted the desire to capture even more footage to view and share in the headsets. At first, high-end headsets were very expensive. Just as 360 cameras have become advanced and more affordable, so have the leading VR headsets. Furthermore, the development of associated apps and software for viewing platforms supported more new consumers.

VR Forecasting Worldwide

Digi-Capital AR VR ForecastAll of us here at 360Rize have kept a close watch on what’s going on in our marketplace for ourselves as well as our competitors. Therefore we have customized our hardware according to the requests from potential customers.  We found another article written by https://honestversion.com called Virtual Reality Device Market to Set Astonishing Growth from 2015 to 2025. Surprisingly enough, our company was referenced in this article that had some uplifting forecasted statistics as well. We have worked hard to give great examples of how many different ways  360 content capture can be useful. As a result, different fields such as medical, real estate, and the food industries have started to utilize our gear. Therefore, they have recognized how 360 content capture can help promote their missions!  Analysts are forecasting a major rise in VR hardware sales to consumers between now and 2025.

Our 360Penguin Solution

360Rize 360Penguin Wave360Rize is referenced in studies of the advancements in 360 hardware. This mostly has to do with our newest 360 action camera, the 360Penguin. Our 360Penguin camera contains all of the wants discussed in the recent studies gathered from analysts all over the world. Customers asked for an easy-to-use, affordable 360 action camera. Furthermore, they desired sharing abilities that all other leading 360 cameras did not have. For example, live streaming capabilities, onboard stitching, and easy to use app abilities to share content immediately. Furthermore, we have kept the price point of this awesome 360 action camera under $300! Now, our next challenge has been to spread the word about the 360Penguin! Check out all of the great ways that the 360Penguin can be your best tool for business or family life! If you’d like to know exactly how it works, visit our 360Penguin Training Page!


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