The Next Big Thing for 360Penguin: VIDEO STABILIZATION!

360Rize 360Penguin Stabilization Feature Image

360Rize 360Penguin riding on a horseSince 360Rize released the 360Penguin in October 2018, the rules for creating VR content have changed. We have brought technology to the industry that has given the power to create to everyone, not just those that have high budgets and teams to put together high quality 360 content. We give you the ability to do it for under $300!

From the very beginning of the 360Penguin project, pushing the envelope has been the order of the day. We want to make the best 360/VR camera possible. Now that we have released the only camera on the market that allows everyone to produce spherical 360 VR content right out of the camera, we have taken the next step.

We have listened to those out producing the content with the 360Penguin. They all have asked for one thing in common. Stabilization. That is coming to the 360Penguin in the first part of 2019!

Now, with 360 video stabilization, your content will be even higher quality. Take a ride down the switchbacks of your favorite hill. Attach it to the top of your golf cart for a round. Wear the 360Penguin while you ski or snowboard. With the new stabilization feature, your footage will not bounce around!

So, what’s the big deal about stabilization?

Well, with video that is not stabilized, your viewers will not get the full effect. The experience will not be as smooth and enjoyable. If they are watching in an Oculus Go or similar VR viewer, the image bounce could create a disorientation that may make the viewer fall or become ill. We all want 360 VR to be enjoyable to the viewers.As we get closer to the release of our firmware update, we will let you know. You can still enjoy the 360Penguin perfectly well as it is. On-board stitching. Untethered live streaming. 4K and 6K video. 24-megapixel images. Your camera is ready for everything all around you.

Get your 360Penguin HERE!

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