360Rize Rigs Coupon

Out With The Old In 2019!

Coupon Chaos!

360Rize is cleaning out our inventory! With the birth of our new fixed camera system, the 360Penguin, we want to have a huge blow out sale on our multi-camera systems! Therefore we have slashed our prices down 40% on all rigs for GoPro™, Yi, TimeCode, and Black Magic cameras! Lets say you have multiple cameras of this type. You’ve thrown around the idea of filming 360 footage with them but didn’t want to bear the expense of the rig itself. Now it is easier than ever to afford the addition of your production equipment. All you have to do is apply the coupon CES-Celebration-40 when you build your order in our website and watch the savings fall right off of the rig of your choice!

Rigs For GoPro™

Everyone is familiar with the age old action camera known as the GoPro™. Since 2012 360rize has kept up with building 360 rigs for GoPro™ models such as the Hero 3&4, and the Hero 5,6,&7. These little action cameras give great resolution output when arranged in the arrays we have designed for them. 360Rize has many producers in the world that can attest to the footage that can be acquired with this system. A quick look on YouTube  will prove the early triumph of 360rize products with others.

Rigs For YI

If you are looking for an affordable camera system to get started in 360, we recommend the YI camera. Its a 4K action camera that is very comparable to the GoPro™ cameras. Therefore 360Rize worked with YI to design a rig for this camera. Notably the YI camera is much easier on the pocketbook. This camera system loaded with cameras makes it easier for a first time multi-camera 360 producer to get started. All arrays are available for the YI that are available for its competitor GoPro™.

Rigs For Timecode Systems

These Timecode rigs are designed for the Gopro™ Hero 4 cameras.  The thing that sets them apart from the regular Hero 4 rigs above is the ability to perfectly sync all cameras remotely. The pluses to this system do not end there! Not only can you control the cameras remotely from a mobile device, but you can monitor the battery life of all cameras using the SyncBAC System! Never again will you film and find out later that not all cameras kept recording. Plus, you can control up to 25 cameras at once. This gives you the option to monitor and control more than 1 rig at once!

Rig For Black Magic

For more professional 360 content creators we designed a rig to use a more cinematic quality camera. The camera we chose was the Black Magic 4K Micro Cinema Camera. For those who really want to grab the best 360 resolution output, and spare no expense to do it, may want to consider this array. The  Helios System we designed for Black Magic cameras come in arrays of 3,6,7,and 8 cameras. Users have the freedom to play with fish-eye lenses they favor.