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How 360 works with the 360Penguin

360 content continues to remain very fresh in the minds of many. At 360Rize we’ve been all about 360 for a while now. With that said, some of you may still be scratching your heads as to what it is and how it works. To help ease your minds, we’ve put together a brief explanation as to how you do it with the 360Penguin. 


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The 360Penguin

360Rize 360Penguin Right Side

The 360Penguin is designed to capture everything in a spherical 360-degree range. That means a limitless horizontal and vertical experience. Full immersion, if you will. To do this, we have placed two 220-degree lenses back-to-back, generating two overlapping images that encompass 440 degrees.

But, a circle is only 360 degrees, right? Right, but due to this overlap, your resulting images and videos will be of higher quality. This is because the 360 overlap serves a very specific purpose, to help blend the dreaded stitch-line. 

To create a full 360 view, the image from each lens must be adjoined. The proper terminology for this process, known across the 360 community, is stitching. Because of this process, a stitch line will appear in your images and videos highlighting the separation of each lens. Some 360 cameras, such as the 360Penguin, have a large advantage in that all the stitching is done inside the camera.

As handy as on-board stitching is, it hasn’t always existed. In fact, the process of stitching your footage together used to take months to complete, not to mention you needed special editing software. So, thanks to the advanced 360Penguin, what used to take a long time to do manually is now automatically done for you. 

360 Gives You the SHOT You’re Looking For

When shooting with a traditional camera, usually that perfect shot doesn’t work out. Their limited field of view is just that, limited. A great deal of focus is required to eventually capture the shot your looking for. When shooting with the 360Penguin you can afford to be carefree, because at just a click of a button you’ve captured everything all around you. You no longer must make snap judgments as to what to point your camera at.

After your finished shooting your content, you can then use post production to frame individual segments or snapshots. Take the image below, for example, of a large military unit. With the 360Penguin, an image like this is taken with one click. From here, all you must do is unroll the image. 

360Rize 360Penguin Military PanoramicThe only limitation of the 360Rize 360Penguin is your imagination. This advanced, powerful, yet affordable camera system is changing the game.

So, you want to see more of what the 360Penguin can do? Head over to one of our pages to check it out. On Facebook, go to 360Rize, 360Penguin, or the 360Penguin Users and Fans page. We have plenty of great content there. Looking for some cool 360 video ideas? Head over to our video page

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