360Rize 360Penguin CES 2019

360Rize Introduces the Game Changing 360Penguin to CES

360Rize 360Penguin at CES 2019It’s the place all of the new and exciting tech is formally introduced to the world. The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the balance between dreams and reality when it comes to the things that make our lives a bit easier. This year, the 360Penguin is on the ground in Las Vegas.

What is the 360Penguin?

The compact, tough tool is revolutionary, a game changer, in the way 360/VR content is created and presented. From the simple, single-button operation to the on-board stitching, this powerhouse of a camera makes it easy to capture everything all around you.

360Rize 360Penguin BusThe 360Penguin from 360Rize captures content with two 210-degree lenses, one on either side of the camera. The two lenses stitch together the images to create a single, spherical 360-degree image. It all happens in the camera. It is all done without a single action from the user. Your 24 megapixel image or 4K or 6K video is fully wrapped and ready for display.

On-board stitching gives you the ability to share what’s going on all around you with friends and family that cannot be there with you by live streaming in 4K to Facebook or YouTube. Now, everyone can share in the experience with you.

The game has been changed. The 360Penguin has been revolutionized. This camera is not only cute but a tool for even the toughest job site. Document the contractor job. Get the images that you need for an insurance claim. The 360Penguin is right there for you.

How can it help me?

That’s not all! Own a business? Are you a Real Estate Agent? This camera is the tool you need to bring more customers through. With that business, you just need to grab images of your showroom and you can link them to produce a tour or give people the ability to buy form your site right there.

Real Estate tours can now be offered at much lower prices. Take images or video of each room as you move through the house. Link them together and your prospective buyers can get an initial look. Get their contact info and take them for an in-person tour. The 360Penguin is a strong tool to add to that sales toolbox.

360Rize has made the 360 content game easier and less expensive. Stay tuned for updates on the week at CES.

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