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The 360Penguin 360 Camera Sparked Creativity in 2018

360Rize 360Penguin at the Penguin Exhibit2018 was a busy year here at 360Rize. But, all the hard work and long days paid off. The 360Penguin, the first high quality consumer priced 360 camera was released to the market and sparked creativity. With 24MP photos and video at 4K or 6K, everyone was excited to use these cameras. It meant it was time to go out and start creating amazing 360 content as soon as we had the boxes in our hands.

Capturing everything in 360; from going on vacations, traveling to unique places, and even enjoying America’s favorite past time was so easy. All thanks to the 360Penguin. And I never had to worry about missing a shot or taking the time to frame the perfect picture. It was as simple as turning the camera on and pressing the shutter button. And it was so simple thanks to the easy to use design and one button control of this high tech 360 camera.

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And not to mention the amount of artistic creativity that comes along with each shot. It adds a whole new way of thinking about photography and opens a new realm of creativity from ordinary photography. One of the most fun shots are little planets, how can you get yourself to appear on top of your own planet in new and creative ways. And the best part of shooting in 360 is you can take sections of the picture and create traditional images as well. So you are able to capture multiple angles from one shot. 

Below you will see some more photos taken on my many adventures; all captured in 360. Click on an image to see it full screen in full resolution.

Equirectangular Source Images


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