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Since its introduction, 360 Imagery has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide. In fact, millions and millions of people watch 360 videos every day. Hoping to inspire potential customers, major brands and businesses alike turned to the global phenomenon. With the 360Penguin camera, taking captivating 360 images is just a few clicks away. So, for a small investment, the 360Penguin is the perfect tool to produce a great customer experience for a brand.

Automotive Industry

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Penguin out for a drive.

The biggest car makers in the industry have all experimented with 360. Companies like Ford and McLaren use 360 to create stunning imagery that draws attention to the brand. With the 360Penguin at their disposal, big brands and car dealerships alike have a weapon for driving sales. Car dealerships can take inside 360 shots, or even create a walk around of a particular automobile. Customers will have the ability to immerse themselves in each 360 photograph taken. Formula One also uses 360 to help bring fans closer to the sport. A common place to see a 360 video in Motorsport would be on a race cars dashboard, hood, or in a pit lane. With the 360Penguin, images such as these can be taken with ease. In fact, the 360Penguin has captured footage on-board a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR and taken 24 megapixel photos of the interior of a McLaren 720S.


Fashion brands like Alice+Olivia have used 360 to mimic in store shopping. Interestingly, users can navigate the store, just as in real-life. Find something you like? Simply hover over it and watch as the product name, price, and distributor all become visible. This particular experience was viewed online by thousands of people. Therefore, an interactive walk through experience like this can be created using the 360Penguin. Recently, we here at 360Rize created a walk through tour of our home office.


General Contracting

With help from the 360Penguin, contractors can view their work flow. This is beneficial in the case of on-site injuries, which happen all to often on a job site. From an employer perspective, this is substantial. Additionally, filming a job site increases the likelihood of positive review by potential customers. Positive review over time helps develop a thriving online presence. Furthermore, promoting your business with the 360Penguin will separate you from the crowd.

So, captivating and inspiring audiences is exactly what 360 content specializes in. With the 360Penguin, inspiring potential customers is only a few clicks away.

Featured Image in 360 view
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