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The 360Penguin Goes International



360Rize 360Penguin Don and Amelia 2
Don Demas and Amelia Buzeid

Chillin has taken off since we introduced the 360Penguin Oct. 13, National Penguin Day. This360Rize 360Penguin 360Today logo little guy has even made it to the hands of one of the more influential 360 content producers in Europe, Don Demas and Amelia Buzeid of Don Amel.

Don and Amelia are journalists for 360today, a global news outlet for everything that is going on in the 360 business. They give their followers a chance to see the world around them.

They have been generating content in the 360 and VR world since January 2018. The two were in Amsterdam, staying at the same place that was hosting the Google Summit.

“That’s where a guy showed us all about (360) in the lobby,” Don and Amelia said.

Since receiving the 360Penguin in late October, Don and Amelia have taken the little chick around the continent. How’s it rate, in their eyes?

“I like the 360Penguin very much,” Don said. “I am impressed with what is possible with the camera. It is a great low-light camera and seems to only get better as the firmware updates come out.”

Here’s a bit of what they have recorded with the 360Penguin.

Don and Amelia record a lot of content. Their travels take them all over Europe to map out buildings for tours, create customer experiences, and so much more. To see their work, head to their site here.“The 360Penguin’s on me every day, almost all day,” Don and Amelia agreed. “I never know what I will see around me. I want to make sure to catch it all.”

Both Don and Amelia agree that it is also important to generate more VR content to show people what it is and how it works so they go out and shoot content as well.

“The more content that is out there, the better the content is going to get and the better VR as a whole will become,” they said.

Don Amel has used many of the top names in 360 cameras and has started using the 360Penguin nearly exclusively. One of the things that gives the 360Penguin an advantage is that it only has two buttons. One to connect Wi-Fi and the other to control the rest of the functions. That makes it the easiest camera to use on the market!

Check out his work in the 360 Community by following his Facebook page here, and check out what he and his fellow 360 journalists are doing here.

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