Introducing the 360Rize Affiliate Program!

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360Rize 360Penguin Left SideYou’ve either just received your 360Penguin or you really would like one and you want to share the fun with others. We can get you in on the action and give you 10% on every purchase your friends make!

This isn’t just on 360Penguins and accessories but on everything on the entire site! That includes items like the SeaDak and the Abyss. Have a friend that’s really into diving? These may be the thing! Every rig on the site is eligible as well! It’s all a part of what you could earn commission on.

Welcome to the 360Rize Affiliate program!

We’ve even created three bonus categories to make more, as our way to show you how much we appreciate all you do in spreading the word about our programs.

We award you in our Monthly Winners Circle. You’re in by being top of the list with impressions, visits, or closed sales for the month!

Just sign up and use your unique link and get paid for every sale that you make.



Be a 360RIZE Affiliate!

Here’s what you need to do

360Rize 360Penguin Affiliate Register

Once you hit submit, you should received an email with your password in it. Now, it’s time to log in and get going in setting it all up.

Hover over the “My Account” tab again and select “Affiliate Login.” Put in your email and password. Now you will be asked to change your password to somthing you’ll remember a bit more than the autogenerated one sent.

Where You See All

The next section is where all of your information can be found. You will see seven labels. Six of these will take you to different types of information. The other will log you out of your account.

Your Menu Options

360Rize 360Penguin Affiliate Overview

360Rize 360Penguin Affiliate Creative

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