360Rize Santa Parade Penguin

360Chillin At The Annual Santa Claus Lane Parade 2018

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Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Santa Claus Lane Parade Our 360Penguin is a big fan of this winter wonderland we live in here at the 360Rize Headquarters.  Located in Olean, NY, our staff know how to have fun amidst the blustery season of winter. As Thanksgiving came and went, many prepared the very next day for our most beloved local kick-off of to the holiday season. Thousands were in attendance to the Greater Olean Chamber Of Commerce 2018 Santa Claus Lane Parade. Although this event happens every year, it is never the same as the previous year! 360Rize made sure that we were right in the middle of the action!

Holly Jolly Penguin!

360Rize 360Penguin Bus little planet

Many wide-eyed youngsters took notice of the 360Rize Bus. Our star character, “Chillin” and his penguin family, were featured on the bus as it made its way down the main street of Olean. Furthermore, 360Rize friends and family handed out cards featuring the 360Penguin family. We found that many people loved our penguin family! They also got to see the 360Penguin in action as we live-streamed our voyage through the city to our Facebook Pages!

360Rize 360Penguin Santa Clause LaneMoreover the 360Rize family and staff captured the parade as they toted their own 360Penguin cameras on foot! As we came to the center of Olean, we caught additional footage of the other parade participants. Therefore, 360Rize made it possible for those not present at this event  to still enjoy the parade! If you still were not able to see this event, we have made a short recap of the 2018 Santa Claus Lane Parade from the 360Penguin point of view!

360Rize Miracle On N. Union Street

360Rize 360Penguin Bus at Santa Clause Lane ParadeIn preparation for the parade, 360Rize wanted to show everything we have been working on in 2018! Just like Santa’s elves, all the 360Rize gang have been working hard to create ways to entertain tech-enthusiasts and consumers alike. 360Rize contacted The Olean Times Herald about the release of their new 360Penguin camera, as well as their new AR app called AR Lively Labels. 360Rize wanted to get the word out that anyone can bring this 360Penguin family to life by downloading our AR Lively Labels App. After the app is downloaded, aim the cellphone camera at the front or side of the bus where the 360Penguin family is featured. Users will ultimately see the penguin family come to life! However, if users missed the bus, they can bring the family to life on the cards handed out as well!

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer!

360Rize 360Penguin Chillin Santa HatWith the countdown to Christmas starting now, the 360Penguin is here and ready for purchase!  Check out all of the information you’ll need to know on our 360Penguin page as well as our training page! 360 content capture has never been easier for EVERYONE to explore until now! Everything you need to start your 360 journey is included in one box. Furthermore, the box is small enough to fit into a stocking hung by the chimney with care! Take a look at some of our 360Penguin Adventures with “Chillin” the penguin that we have had so far!

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