McLaren 570 Featured image

The 360Penguin and Awesome Cars

Here at 360Rize, we have done a lot with our new camera, notably shoot a lot of content with cars. Over the last year, our camera has been very involved in the car community. Whether it’s taking part in car shows, touring exotic dealerships, or just shooting content for the fun of it, the 360Penguin has captured it all. Thanks to 6K video and the ability to capture 24-megapixel photos, this camera is the perfect companion for your grand tour. If you’re a car enthusiast looking for a cost-effective but quality 360 experience look no further than the 360Penguin.

Mount Anywhere

360Rize 360Penguin A garage of beauties
The 360Penguin looking over a garage of nice automobiles. See 360 image below for full view.
McLaren 720 Interior 360 shot
The interior of a McLaren 720S, taken by the 360Penguin. See 360 image below for full view.

A camera like the 360Penguin allows for nearly endless shooting options. Mounting your camera in the driver’s seat gives users the illusion of driving. Similarly, another cool angle is to mount directly to the car’s windshield. This way, viewers can see the road ahead, as well as look back at the driver. I can say from personal experience that’s its best to experiment with numerous angles, until you find the one you desire. Because the camera weighs next to nothing, the 360Penguin can be mounted in ways not possible with larger, heavier setups. The only limitation is your imagination! That being said, when you’re mounting to the outside of a vehicle, please make sure the camera is good and secure. The last thing you want is for your camera to roll down the side of your prized possession. In the past, our recently launched camera has attended car events mounted to a McLaren 720s, as well as a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR.

A Trip to Remember

Several months ago, I had the honor of bringing a 360Penguin to a very special dealership. This dealership, Miller Motorcars, is a premier exotic car dealer located in Greenwich, CT. Never have I seen such a collection of high-end automobiles. One of these vehicles stood out from the crowd, the very first McLaren Senna delivered to the U.S. With nearly 800 horsepower and racecar levels of down-force, the Senna is in a league of its own. This particular machine was presented in custom emerald green paint. Directly across from this gem sat two Pagani Huayra’s. Well known for their obsessive attention to detail, the Huayra’s gauge clusters are manufactured by a Swiss watch company. The going rate for a Huayra, a cool $2 million. It’s not every day an opportunity like this presents itself. There to capture it all was the 360Penguin!

By now, you should understand the relationship between super-cars and the 360Penguin.