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Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7 In One!

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Upgrade Kit Her0 %,6,7
Upgrade Holders For GoPro™ Hero 5, Hero6, and Hero7

If you’re one of those people that keep up with the latest and greatest action camera on the market, we have great news for you! 360Rize has kept up with the evolution of different GoPro™ Hero models that have come along the way. This goes all the way back to using the GoPro™ Hero 3 camera. Starting then, we have continued making rigs to make 360 content capture possible using these GoPro™ Hero models. For example, we design rigs to hold 6 to 24 cameras in one spherical system. This type of array creates high resolution 360  content has always been our specialty.  Our multi-camera rig content results in breath-taking footage! Furthermore, the 360Rize mission to capture the highest resolution content possible motivates us to keep designing multi-camera rigs for the newest action cameras.

Our Adaptability

360Rize GoPro Rigs
360Rize GoProHero5,Hero6, and Hero7 Rigs

360Rize now has rigs and holder kits available for the GoPro™ Hero 5,6,and now 7 camera! Yes, that’s correct! We have rigs that accommodate all three of these models in one! Just as our Hero 3  holders worked with the Hero3 and 4 cameras, our Hero5 rig works with the Hero5,6,and7 cameras! Take a deep breath and rest assured knowing that just because cameras have changed, the rigs and holders do not have to! 360Rize has developed modular rigs for the purpose of making it easier and cost effective for the user to adapt to ever-changing action cameras. Therefore users do not have to buy an entire rig again to update their rig to accommodate the new GoPro™ Hero cameras. One you’ve purchased our designs, the upgrade is easy later!

Change Is Good

Easy Update for 360Rize Rigs

Early 360Rize modular rig owners may want to take interest in this info. There is no need to be afraid of your 360Rize rig only accommodating the previous camera system you have currently. All of our modular rigs have the ability to easily change holders. Just as the rig was assembled, it can be disassembled. First, users can manually take the current holders off of the modular aluminum core piece using a simple allen key. Once the old holders are taken off, just fit the updated holder for the upgrade kit to the core piece. Secure the holder to the core by tightening the existing screws from the previous holders. The results are a fully updated rig for the latest GoPro™ Hero model of your choice! Now you are ready to capture more stunning 360 footage with your new camera system supported by our Plug-n-Play™ line rig!