360Rize 360Penguin PenguinSxS

The 360Penguin has Landed!

360Rize 360Penguin Side by Side ReviewWhat happens when your new product goes head-to-head against one of the industry’s top names? The 360Penguin has landed and we are being noticed!

The 360Penguin just took on one of the top dogs in the consumer 360-degree market in a side-by-side comparison. One of the leading influencers in the 360 content generation category gave us the slot against Insta360’s top of the line One X.

How did we fare? Well, we will let Kevin Kunze tell you all about it, first-hand. Kevin’s been making 360 content for quite some time and knows the ins and out of what’s going on. He test drove the Penguin. 



360Rize 360Penguin AnnoyedWell, despite the sweaty palms and nervous energy from going up against a top competitor, we’d say we stood up quite well! Did you see that color difference? How about that stitch line? OK, the one you really didn’t see in the 360Penguin video.

Sounds like a pretty solid comparison to us! The 360Penguin has arrived! We are taking on the big guys and doing more than holding our own. Here’s the kicker. Our price is much easier on your wallet! We retail for $298.88. You can get your Penguin right here!

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