“Kickstarting” Our New 360Penguin Journey

360Rize Kickstarter 360Penguin Planet 1920x1080

360 Penguin Is Here!

Extra Extra! Read all about it in our Kickstarter campaign! 360Rize has joined forces with the self-proclaimed “world’s largest funding platform for creative projects” to release the 360Penguin Camera! The 360Penguin is the most family-friendly, easy to use 360 camera on the planet! Furthermore, the 360Penguin captures up to 6K 360 footage with on board stitching.  Therefore these features easily surpass any other dual lens 360 camera on the market today! 360Rize has always wanted to make 360 content capture easy for anyone to do. With this Kickstarter campaign we have also made it affordable for everyone! Don’t miss this incredible deal, and join in on the 360 fun with the 360Penguin!

Why Shoot In Full 360?

Are you the person in the family that takes all the photos, and is never in them? Have you ever taken a picture or video only to find that the results didn’t do justice to the experience you were trying to capture?  Traditional point and shoot methods are very limiting. 360Rize has taken pride in helping others capture “All Around You” to avoid this limited review.  For those of you that have been reluctant to learn how to capture full 360 content, rest assured that the workflow has been streamlined greatly in the last couple of years! 360Rize has worked tirelessly to make this form of photography and videography easy for anyone to use and take part in!

How Is The 360Penguin The Best?

The 360Penguin is an easy to use, one-button controlled camera that makes it possible for all ages to join in on the 360 fun! The button on the front of the camera controls Power On/Off, Switching from Photo to Video Modes, Start and Stop of Video, and is also the shutter button for photos! Anyone that can push a button can operate this camera! Additionally, the 360Penguin can stand by itself but also features a 1/4 20 mounting point for additional mounting attachments, Its lightweight, sleek form makes it easy to be carried in your pocket or purse without the need for transfer in bulky camera gear cases. The 360Penguin has an SD card slot and a USB-C port for continuous charging capability for those long shoots!

How Can I Learn To Operate The 360Penguin

360Rize has always believed in educating their fellow 360 producers and fans worldwide. We enjoy answering the questions that many have had as they explore 360 content capture. We have taken it upon ourselves to dedicate an entire page on our website to educating those who are thinking about making their pledge for the 360Penguin and would like some insight as to how it works. Please visit your 360 penguin training page to see how easy it is to operate this unique little 360 camera! All questions not found on the training page can be directed to [email protected]! We are here and available to put to rest all of your 360 worries and help you start your 360 journeys! In the meantime visit our 360Penguin Facebook Page and also see and share footage on the 360Penguin Users and Fans Page

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