360Rize Back To School Sale

360Rize’s Back to School Sale

College can be some of the best years of your entire life! Making new friends, going on trips and setting up your VR future. There is no better way to capture these moments than with high definition 360 video. Add the top 360 VR Rigs to your back to school shopping list through 360Rize!

Why 360Rize?

We are a company specializing in virtual reality 360 video technology, creating 360 spherical video camera systems that capture 360 video content as high as 12K resolution VR content. 360Rize also develops 360 video workflow solutions such as 360CamMan™, the world’s first VR media management software and many other 360 video work flow solutions. Through years of research and innovation, 360Rize is empowering content creators to push the limits of this emerging technology and its unique modular 360 Plug-n-Play product line it allows producers to use the action and cinematic cameras in multi-camera arrays or unplug them and use them as they were intended allowing producers to efficiently camera manage their video equipment for multiple purposes.

For additional information about 360Rize formerly 360Heros, visit www.360rize.com. Follow 360Rize on Facebook at www.facebook.com/360Rize, on Twitter www.twitter.com/@360_Rize or www.instagram.com/360rize.

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Not sure how to capture 360 video? Watch this quick and informative video on how its done.

Don’t have enough cameras? Well team up with your friends and combine 6 cameras into an amazing high resolution 360 video content.  It is always fun to network and see who else has a camera that would be interested in making a cool 360 video project.