Uni360: Film 360 Videos with YI Technology 4K Cameras

Yi 4K Camera
Yi 4K Camera

The new Uni360 Universal 360 video rig offers content creators an avenue for filming 360 video with YI Technology 4K action cameras. Since YI Technology cameras were introduced to the market, there has been widespread interest from the VR filmmaking community in leveraging the powerful action cameras for shooting 360 video.

By mounting 6 YI Technology 4K cameras in a spherical orientation, the Uni360 rig enables up to 8K (8,000 x 4,000 pixels) 360 video capture and 12K (12,000 x 6,000) 360 photo capture.


The Uni360 features an anodized aluminum center core which is designed to mount 6 separate camera holder arms. These camera holder arms attach to the center core via stainless steel screws for a rugged, sturdy design.

The camera holder arms attach to camera housings via each housing’s mounting point. When assembled, the Uni360 mounts 6 cameras within their waterproof (dive) housings in the ideal position for capturing seamless, fully spherical 360 videos and photos.

YI Technology 4K Camera

The YI Technology 4K action camera offers filmmakers a small, powerful device for capturing high resolution videos and photos. Users will find its performance and specs on par with the GoPro™ quality that has become an industry standard for 360 degree capture while enjoying a very affordable, well crafted product:

Uni360 System Availability

The Uni360 is now available for pre-order via the 360RIZE shopping center. Units are expected to ship in early February with limited quantities available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Order now to receive our special CES discount: • 2017-CES-Uni360



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