The New 3DPRO- 2D & 3D 360 Video


The 3DPro is a 3-in-1 stereoscopic 360 video rig that presents itself as perhaps our most versatile product to date. It offers filmmakers the capability to shoot fully spherical stereoscopic footage, blended monoscopic and stereoscopic footage as well as high resolution monoscopic footage all with the same modular rig.

Full 360 x 180 Degree Stereoscopic 360 Video and Photos

When configured for 14 cameras, the 3DPro captures fully spherical stereoscopic 360 videos and photos. The configuration has seven stereo pairs, with one pair on the top and bottom of the sphere and five on the horizon. Compatible with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 series cameras, this rig captures spherical content at resolutions as high as 8K (8,000 x 4,000 pixels) for playback on virtual reality HMDs (head mounted displays) and 360 video platforms such as Facebook 360, YouTube 360, Vrideo, Littlstar, etc.

Multiple Configurations in One Rig

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The 3DPro’s modular design allows users to adjust the number of cameras in the rig. By simply removing or adding camera holders, the unit can be set to feature 12 or 14 cameras. When configured with 12 cameras, the unit captures stereoscopic footage for 14o degrees on the horizon and 20 degrees of monoscopic footage on the top and bottom of the 360-degree sphere.

Transition smoothly from 3D on the horizon to mono on the top/bottom. This gives you flexibility in how complex you want your 3D process to be in post production. Filmmakers set on creating fully spherical 3D (top, bottom, horizon) have that option while users interested in stereoscopic depth specifically in the viewer’s natural field of view save time during their post production workflow.

Stereoscopic and Monoscopic 360 Video

Equirectangular screenshots from the 3DPRO’s 2D and 3D outputs.

Download Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Samples

Click to Download 3DPRO Monoscopic Sample Footage

Click to Download 3DPRO Stereoscopic Sample Footage

(Prepped for GearVR playback via Oculus guidelines)

Click to Download 3DPRO Anaglyph Sample Footage

View Monoscopic Sample Footage

3DPro Bullet360

The 3DPro is also available with our Bullet360 camera control system. Sold separately as either the 3DPro12 Bullet360 or 3DPro14 Bullet360, these systems allow users to simultaneously operate all of the cameras in the rig. The remotely operated system daisy chains the 12 or 14 cameras together with a single button used to turn all of the cameras on/off and start/stop recording. When filming at 120 fps (frames per second) the start/stop recording feature triggers all cameras within +/- 5 frames of one another. This saves time and makes syncing footage for stitching a more streamlined and accurate process. The start/stop recording button also triggers a buzzer meant to serve as a signal for audio syncing the footage.

Mounting Options

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The 3DPRO features three 3/8″ threaded mounting points and comes with a  3/8″ to 1/4″-20 adapter and mounting accessory. These mounting points are compatible with monopods, tripods and other common camera mounting solutions.

  1. The first 45-degree mounting point (left image) on the 3DPRO is located between cameras 6 and 7 and is positioned on the corner of the unit. This mounting position is centered between two of the rig’s horizontal stereo pairs and also intersects with the FOV (field of view) of the rig’s bottom stereo pair. This creates optimum frame overlap between the camera pairs and makes it possible to hide the mounting solution during the stitching process and remove it from the final video output (see seamless samples above).
  2. The second 45-degree mounting point (middle image) is located between cameras 1 and 2. This mounting point positions the mounting solution (monopod or tripod) directly between two stereo pairs (one pair on the bottom of the rig and one pair on the horizon). This creates optimum frame overlap between the two pairs of cameras and makes it possible to hide the mounting solution during the stitching process and remove it from the final video output (see seamless samples above).
  3. The center mount point (right image) orients the 3DPRO in a horizontal configuration with 10 of the unit’s cameras facing outward along the horizon. This orientation places the mounting solution directly between two cameras to maintain the ability to wipe out the rigging in the final stitched footage. This mounting position serves as the most stable of the three and is best suited for tripods and similar rigging systems.


The 3DPRO is our latest solution for 360 video filmmakers. Stay tuned for more training, sample footage and documentation to follow and feel free to send any questions about the 3DPRO to support at 360rize dot com.

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