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5 Things to Never Leave at Home on a VR Shoot

With the rise of 360 content being featured both on Facebook and YouTube, many people ask, what are the essential tools and equipment? Here are some of our favorite accessories for your next successful shoot!

 360 Video Essentials:

1. microSD Cards, by SanDisk

SanDisk’s 32GB microSD cards are our go-to when it comes to capturing and storing footage with our GoPro-based 360 video rigs. We’ve found the 32GB cards to provide adequate space for media and reliability in the field.










2. Multi-Port USB Charger, by Anker








Keeping cameras properly charged is another one of the common challenges 360 video content creators face. To ensure our multi-camera rigs are charged and ready to go we rely on Anker’s 60W 10-port charger.

Tip: double up on chargers for rigs with 10+ cameras to save time.

3. Tripod/ Monopod, by Vanguard 

A good mounting solution can make or break a piece of 360 video content. Our production team recommends checking out the Vanguard Alta Pro for its versatility. In particular, it offers 45-degree mounting options for our Pro7 7-camera 360 video rig for seamless mounting. Available from our friends at B&H Photo.










4. G-DRIVE ev RaW, by G-Technology

There are enough challenges to worry about in 360 content creation without having to add losing or damaging files to the mix. G-Technology offers a variety of solutions for storing media in the field and backing it up at the studio. In particular, the G-DRIVE ev RaW is a compact, rugged storage solution available in standard and SSD versions.








5. Lens Cloth, by Leica 

No time for lens smudges. Investing in an inexpensive set of lens cloths is a minor consideration that can pay huge dividends when it comes to content quality and equipment care.










Having the right tools on set is a huge help in creating quality 360 video content and we wanted to share our favorites! Leave a comment below to tell us what’s in your camera bag!

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