360Rize Party

360RIZE Rebrand Party Highlight Video Is Here

As you may have heard, our company made some big changes in August. We not only modified our moniker from 360Heros to 360RIZE, we also advanced our mission statement and announced how we plan to continue innovating in this ever-changing market.

Founded in 2012, 360RIZE understands 360 video technology through-and-through. We wouldn’t hold the patent for multiple cameras in a preset, 360 Plug-n-Play™ orientation or work with clients like Visa, Disney, Fox, and MythBusters if not.

Attendees networked by the windows overlooking Downtown Los Angeles.

“360Heros is now entering the next phase of empowering content creators through our manufacturing of patented products, education, tools (hardware & software) and professional media production. In demonstration of this forward-thinking approach, we are moving toward the adoption of a fresh logo, new company name and improvements in our business models.” – 360RIZE CEO Michael Kintner

We celebrated this huge endeavor by holding a rebrand party in DTLA to introduce new partnerships and honor our commitment to moving onward and upward in a tech community that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Check out our rebrand party highlight video below:

A special thank you to our sponsors who made all of this possible!


Sponsors include:
Blend Media
Polk Audio
Unofficial Cardboard
Upload VR

G-Technology Lounge was packed with storage solutions and VIP’s.

“The name 360RIZE represents our goal to help producers rise up, elevate beyond their current market place and support their projects regardless of scope. This falls in line with our original goal to inspire 360 video content creators, or 360 heroes as we’ve always called them, so they can meet the demand for high resolution, cinematic quality spherical content. Our support for the community comes in the form of new 360 video products utilizing a wide range of exciting 3rd party cameras, training, technical guidance and education.” – 360Heros CEO Michael Kintner

Even though our rebrand party has come and gone, we are still celebrating how far we’ve come in this new medium. We are hyper-focused on creating new ways to empower passionate content creators to make compelling pieces by providing the best tools available at half the cost of our competitors. As always, we will continue to offer first-class education and production services with our trusted and talented team of specialists paving the way. This, for us, is not just a new beginning but a fresh view on an already advanced industry.

The PufferSphere M was on display featuring the 360RIZE production reel.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our video and for all the kind words we have received since making this announcement. We couldn’t have done it without our Heroes.