Product Details Pro7 v2

Pro7 v2 360 video rig
Pro7 v2 360 video rig

The Pro7 v2 is a professional tool for filming virtual reality 360° video content in close quarter environments such as concerts, real estate tours and events.

The Pro7 v2 is an all-purpose solution for filming immersive virtual reality content in both indoor and outdoor environments. The seven-camera configuration offers improved frame overlap and fewer parallax issues when filming in closer quarter environments.

Pro7 in the Field

Over the past three years, the Pro7 has been used to top brands, agencies and studios to capture professional quality 360 video content. Organizations such as RYOT News, FirstbornPhotos of Africa, The Wall Street Journal and the University of Notre Dame have used the Pro7 to share high resolution VR experiences with their respective audiences.


The team from RYOT News has taken the Pro7 across the globe with them to bring us an immersive, firsthand perspective of the issues impacting our planet and its people.

The Art of Patrón – Firstborn

New York based creative agency Firstborn launched an immersive virtual reality experience for Patrón. Titled the “Art of Patrón Virtual Reality Experience“, the project takes viewers on an interactive journey to Patrón’s Hacienda distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Filmed with the Pro7 v2

Photos of Africa

Renowned wildlife photographer Chris du Plessis and his company Photos of Africa are dedicated to sharing the beauty of Africa’s wildlife. The Pro7 has been a key tool for Chris as he films his homeland with a 360-degree perspective.

Filmed with the Pro7 v2


Why 7 Cameras?

Six-camera configurations have become the standard for shooting 360 video with GoPro™ cameras. We’ve found that six-camera systems such as the Pro6 offer the minimal amount of frame overlap necessary to shoot spherical video and avoid parallax issues during the stitching process while still achieving 4K resolutions (4,000 x 2,000) for VR HMD playback.

While six cameras is the accepted standard, increasing the number of cameras in a 360 video rig has three key impacts:

Predictable Vertical Seams

Our Pro7 system positions five cameras in a vertical (portrait) orientation along the horizon of the rig. This makes it easier for filmmakers to position subjects, offers the ability to line up shots in a predictable manner and it leads to a cleaner overall post production workflow.

More Frame Overlap

Adding an additional camera increases the degree of frame overlap that exists between the cameras in the rig in comparison to a six camera system. Decreasing the distance at which subject matter needs to remain from the camera system to avoid issues on the seams where each camera’s field of view overlaps (i.e. “ghosting”, where subjects appear distorted along the seams)

Greater Pixel Density

By adding an additional camera, you are increasing the number of pixels captured by the rig as a whole. Having more pixels to work with in post production is conducive to having a higher quality final stitch in your 360 video. Offering additional visual data to select from during the stitching process. This makes it easier to hide tripods, camera rigging and other unwanted visual information from the final stitch.

Pro7 v2 Camera Settings (Max frame rate) : GoPro Hero4 Black
GoPro Mode2.7K 4:3 Wide1440P 4:3 Wide960P 4:3 Wide
Final Video Output Size 8K6K4K
Bright Light Indoor30fps80fps120fps
White Balance: native or 5500 K (Outdoor)
ISO Limit: 400
Low Light Indoor30fps30fps60fps
White Balance: native or 3000 K (Indoor)
ISO Limit: 1600 (6400 with additional noise)
General SettingsProtune Mode: ON
Auto Low Light: OFF
Sharpness: Low/Medium
Color: Flat
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