Motion Impossible & 360Heros take over the Paramount Backlot


This year at the Cine Gear Expo, 360Heros had the pleasure of collaborating with Motion Impossible to test a useful way to capture 360 video. This was particularly exciting because they specialize in creating new and innovative ways to capture VR content through movement. Moving shots are often requested during productions but finding the right solution was our key objective during this test.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.55.51 AM
360Heros Pro7 v2 mounted on the Motion Impossible Mantis.

Motion Impossible has developed the world’s first remote controlled dolly system, the “Mantis”, for VR and 360 video capture. This innovative dolly keeps the camera on a level plane, eliminates vibration and allows for smooth and controlled movement.

This opens the door to many other possibilities in shooting 360 content. In conjunction with our systems, this will allow for active 360 shots, allowing the user to move in an environment as opposed to being in a static space, and eliminating the camera operator.

We paired our PRO7 v2 camera system with the Mantis to capture the stunning and immersive footage below. Watch as this blend of technologies tears up the Paramount back lot.

As you can see in the test footage, the Mantis allowed our team to capture seamless and smooth 360 video while navigating obstacles moving throughout the set. This tool is an excellent option for producers interested in simulating movement for VR experiences.

For more information on the Mantis visit .

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